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Oct 20, 2016 12:50 PM

10 Amazing Products for Weed Lovers

Cannabis-related products are hitting the shelves left and right. Pipes and grinders, delicious edibles and flavored topicals—they are all ready to satisfy every need and taste. However, there are still plenty of products that can surprise even the experienced pot enthusiasts. Below is the list of ten awesome products for true weed lovers.

1. THC Bubble Bath

Want to relax after a noisy and busy day? THC bubble bath is ready to help! High Gorgeous, a company that produces different infused topicals, offers a wide range of medicinal bubble bath products. Enjoy the pot bubbles and smell amazing afterward!

2. Cannabis Mouthcare

Brushing teeth and using mouthwash with cannabis is a great solution to many periodontal issues. Still using classic toothpaste? Time to change it for a natural and healthy weed option!

3. Weed-Infused Lube

Looking to diversify your sex life? Enhance your pleasure with cannabis-infused lube.

4. Medicated Lip Balm

Lip balm that will help you smooth dry lips as well as heal eczema and minor cuts is already present in the cannabis market. Dank Stix is one of the best options for these purposes.

5. Posh Stash Jars

Still storing your pot in a plastic bag? There are plenty of more convenient options! You can easily choose one among clear, colorful, and even fluorescent stash jars.

6. Smell-Proof Stash Case

A stash case is a great place to store your cannabis and weed accessories. There are many different varieties that are based on the way you prefer to consume marijuana.

7. Grinder Pipe

Grind your bud and smoke it in just a few moments with a grinder pipe. Easy as 1-2-3!

8. Cottonmouth Gum

This is an incredible weed product to stop cottonmouth. Stay cool with a cottonmouth gum!

9. Cannabis Cocktails

Do you find a combination of weed and alcohol amazing? You can easily prepare your own awesome weed cocktail.

10. Cannabis Products for Your Four-Legged Friend

These treats will not make your pet stoned; however, they can easily help them calm down.