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Aug 7, 2016 9:00 AM

10 Best Accessories for Girls Who Consume Cannabis

Many girls prefer colorful and glittery things. Not so long ago, most cannabis-related products had standard packaging with a limited amount of options. Now that marijuana is becoming more accepted and is legalized in a range of states, the variety of cannabis-infused products and accessories can satisfy every personality. Here are the top most popular accessories for a girly weed user.

1. Grinder With Bling

Grinders are usually humdrum and basic; however, if you look hard enough, you may find something modern and zooty. Grinding pot in a beautiful grinder will cheer you up and set the mood for pleasant consumption.

2. Crystalized Dry Herb Vape Pen

These cute trinkets come in different colors and can match any taste. Moreover, there are kits that allow you to bling-out your vape pen. If you do not mind spending additional money, The Crystal Cult may offer you a great variety of expensive falderals.

3. Colorful Glass Piece

A colorful glass piece is a must-have for every girly smoker. It can provide you with a little bit more enjoyment while toking.

4. Wake and Bake Mug

Starbuds is a new trend inspired by the success of Starbucks. Enjoy drinking coffee from a Starbucks mug? Start your day with sativa or indica using a fashionable Starbuds cup!

5. Joint Papers That Double as Blotting Sheets

Joint papers are not as glamorous as some other weed accessories on this list; however, they are genius. Whether you want to smoke a joint or remove excess oil from your T-zone, joint papers are ready to help.

6. Glamorous Shimmering Bong

A shimmering bong is one of the keys to a perfect mood and relaxation during weed consumption. Try it, and you will no longer use a standard bong.

7. Lipstick Lighter

Lipstick lighter may become the little secret of any girly weed user. There is a great variety of awesome lighters, thus, a lipstick lighter is a must-have in your bag.

8. AnnaBis Bag

If you have already been smoking with style, you also need to carry your cannabis in a convenient and luxurious bag. Stash bags are the best option for this purpose because they hide the smell of pot and have a pleasant look.

9. Pot Leaf Socks

Soft and pretty socks with pot leaves can give you additional comfort and pleasure while toking.

10. Pot Leaf Nail Decals

Show your pride with pot leaf nail decals. Even if you are just staying at home, your cute nails will make you feel a little bit naughty.

The variety of cannabis accessories is enormous. Choose any to emphasize your individuality and style.