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Mar 30, 2016 4:02 PM

10 Best Bakeries for Marijuana Edibles Devotees

All of us adore delicious marijuana-infused edibles, especially the baked ones. As weed edibles market is expanding, more and more bakeries are opening. And we assure you they have a lot to offer! Let us find out more about the most famous cannabis bakeries of Colorado, California, and Washington State and take a closer look at their weed-infused specials.

Green Ticket Bakery and Its Extra-Tasty Cheesecake

Green Ticket Bakery is located in San Francisco and is always ready to bake something special for the local patients. Its most delicious marijuana-infused edible is Raspberry Canna-Cheesecake. Green Ticket Bakery uses cold-water hash instead of butane and the best strains of weed to make their treats as natural and tasty as possible. If you want to find out more, you can visit their official website greenticketbakery.com.

Miss Mary Jane Bakery Uses Best Strains of Weed

Southern California citizens are quite lucky to have the chance to visit Miss Mary Jane bakery and enjoy its amazing menu. The owners of the bakery are passionate about creating natural and effective marijuana-infused edibles and use only high-quality products. One of the best Miss Mary Jane's edibles are Churro and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. These cinnamon sugar dainties are too tasty to miss. If you want to order some, visit missmaryjanesedibles.com and get anything your heart desires.

Sweet Grass Kitchen and Its Delicious PB&J Cup

The Colorado-located Sweet Grass Kitchen bakery has won the hearts of customers with their special Peanut Butter & Jelly Cup. This delicious confection is hard to forget due to its amazing taste, flavor and, of course, effects. In 2015, PB&J Cup even won the Colorado Cannaward for the best new product. Want to try it? Visit sweetgrasskitchen.com.

Cheba Bakery Wishes You Happy Birthday

If you want to enjoy cannabis-infused edibles on your birthday or a special occasion, Cheba Bakery is exactly what you need. This bakery creates real THC-infused masterpieces. To make sure of it, just try Vanilla Birthday Buttercream and you will never regret it! Visit the official website chebabakery.com and get a cake that will make your celebration more special.

Sweet Mary Jane Bakery Has a Lot to Offer

Sweet Mary Jane is one of the biggest bakeries to produce marijuana-infused artisan goods. It is located in Colorado. If you decide to visit it, do not forget to order Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwich, which is known to have an unforgettable taste. Want to learn more? Visit ilovesmj.com.

Love's Oven Items Are Made With Love and Care

Hope Frahm, the chef of the Love's Oven bakery, knows what patients and THC-infused edibles devotees need. The bakery specializes in making honey caramel bites, cookies bar bites, and crackers both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Visit lovesoven.com and do not forget to order Turtle Brownie Bites, one of the best Love's Oven item.

The GoodShip Company Conquers Washington State

In 2015, Washington state witnessed the opening of The GoodShip Company bakery, which means the that the citizens of the state got a chance to try amazing cookies, chocolate bars, and cupcakes. Visit its official site thegoodship.com and do not forget to buy some Saigon Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Cookies.

Bliss Edibles and Total Sweetness

Bliss Edibles is a popular bakery that specializes in making cookies, truffles, cupcakes, macaroons, and other tasty sweets. By the way, this bakery is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner. Try its delicious Chocolate Banana Nut Muffin, which you can easily order on blissedibles.com.

Enjoy Mini-Cakes With Boomshaka Cupcakes

Boomshaka Cupcakes is a start-up bakery in Los Angeles that is famous for its delicious fresh mini-cakes. The bakery is ready to offer various flavors and dosages. Visit boomshakacupcakes.com and do not forget to try Boomshaka's special Chocolate with Green Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

Chronic Desserts Offers the Tastiest Treatment

The San Diego-located Chronic Desserts is a perfect place to buy some delicious and highly effective treats. We recommend you to pay attention to Rainbow Nerds Lemon Curd, which is famous for its incredible taste, or you can visit the official website chronicdesserts.com to order another edible.