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Feb 10, 2017 9:30 AM

10 Best Valentine’s Day Weed Gifts

Valentine’s Day Weed Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday to celebrate with your loved one. However, choosing a perfect present for your lady is not so easy. Fortunately, there is a special gift that will definitely put a smile on her face! Below you can find top ten Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved cannabis enthusiast.

HEMP Eucalyptus Mineral Bath by CannaBasics

Do you want to have a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere on the holiday's evening? HEMP Eucalyptus Mineral Bath is ready to help! A special blend of Epsom salt, hempseed oil, and eucalyptus will release the stresses of the day and prepare your sweetheart for a hot night.

Foria Pleasure

Are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day in the sheets? Foria Pleasure is a natural lubricant that can give your girlfriend orgasms all night long. Not to mention, this spray was named the Sex Product of the Year by the British GQ.

Miss Envy Bath Bomb

Miss Envy bath bombs contain 50 mg of THC each. This lovely heart-shaped product will relax your lady without causing any psychoactive effects.

Cannabliss Body Butter

Cannabliss Body Butter is an easy way to elevate both your body and mind. Just apply a few drops of this infused lotion on your girlfriend’s body and enjoy an awesome night.

Cannabis Massage

Cannabis is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. A weed massage is probably one of the best gifts for any woman. Find plenty of cannabis topicals here.

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer can work as a sex toy and a pipe. Surprise your beloved and turn up the heat on this lovely day!

THC Chocolate

Is your girlfriend a sweet tooth? THC-infused sweets can become a better option than a classical chocolate from your local supermarket.

Erbanna Stash Bag

A stash bag is a great gift that will help your lady hide her pot in style. Erbanna and their odorless stash bags will easily delight every woman.


Jewelry is always a great idea. If your girlfriend loves shiny things, the High Society weed ring is a gift she will definitely fall in love with.

Weed Bouquet

Dozens of roses for St. Valentine’s Day is becoming a little bit old-fashioned. A bouquet of cannabis is a modern and pleasant option for a true female cannabis lover.