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Sep 12, 2016 9:05 AM

10 Strongest Dabs You Can Try Right Now

The cannabis industry offers a great variety of marijuana products with different amounts of THC. You will be surprised that some of these products contain nearly 100% of THC. Below is a list of the most powerful dabs available on the market.

1. Premium Solventless Strawberry Cough

Most concentrates contain about 60-80% of THC. However, this Strawberry Cough extract can boast a potency of up to 75% of the psychoactive compound. The strawberry flavor will also make your mouth water.

2. Clear Concentrate From California

Clear Concentrate is one of the most well-known concentrates in the cannabis world. It is a pure and highly potent solventless concentrate that offers up to 96% of THC.

3. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue concentrates are some of the strongest weed strains. The test results of Gorilla Glue are really impressive: most of them have the THC level of up to 80%. Gorilla Glue by Purity Extracts or Oleum is going to provide you with unforgettable feelings.

4. Grape Ape Solventless Clear

Grape Ape is going to please any indica enthusiast with the unbelievable 92.15% of THC. The strain is known for its heavily sedative and pain-relieving effects. Thus, nothing will trouble your body or mind with Grape Ape.

5. T-Rex Concentrates Predator Pink

Along with the confirmed 92.36% THC level, T-Rex Concentrates Predator Pink attracts pot users with a pleasant aroma of spice and wood. Terpinolene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene are the special terpene compounds that give this strain an unsurpassed aroma.

6. Alpine Alternative’s GTD: Legend OG

Legend OG was tested to contain more than 82% of THC. It is a sativa-dominant strain that will give you a great head high and a bit of pleasant body heaviness.

7. True OG by Dandy

True OG is an indica strain from California that can boast of an 82.2% THC level. A happy mood and a relaxing body high are the most common effects of True OG. It is worth mentioning that this strain is extremely popular in California.

8. Cheese Quake CO2 Oil

Cheese Quake is a well-known indica-dominant hybrid that usually provides a wide range of pleasant euphoric feelings. An extraction from Cheese Quake reached THC levels of 88.6%. The strain can be easily found near Bellingham, Washington.

9. Asian Pear Clear Distillate

Although the Asian Pear strain was supposed to be extinct, some of the producers seem to have found it. This sativa-dominant flower produces a wonderful, gold honey-like concentrate. A western Washington extractor Dream City tested it to reveal a 93.2% THC level.

10. CRx Concentrates

CRx Concentrates from Colorado also offer perfect high-quality products. Ask your local dispensary for the test data on these concentrates if they are available.

However, the test results of the concentrates may vary due to different distributors and extractors.