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Dec 29, 2016 12:05 PM

10 Weed New Year Resolutions for 2017

Every December, many people promise themselves to live better next year by making New Year resolutions. You can also use this tradition to improve your marijuana habits or make your weed experience more diverse. There is a list of ten cannabis resolutions that are both manageable and beneficial for cannabis consumers.

1. Try Healthier Ways of Pot Consumption

Even if you are a chronic stoner and consume weed only by smoking, it is a great idea to give your lungs a rest by trying other ways of using marijuana. Vaping or taking edibles are proved to be safer for your health—you do not inhale toxic compounds or heavy resin that are present in cannabis smoke.

Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
In you prefer privacy while smoking your weed, you need to find ways to enjoy it discretely. The best way to hide your avocation is to use the right method of cannabis consumption along with right accessories.

2. Become More Politically Active

It is not enough to say that you support the legalization of cannabis. Your actions may make a sufficient impact in saving the lives of millions of people in your state. Offer your volunteer work to one of the local pro-cannabis organizations or support them through donations. Even if you live in a state where marijuana is already legal, you should also keep an eye on the constantly changing cannabis regulations.

3. Give Up Smoking Resin

I know that resin saves you each time when you are short of money, but this shit is really terrible. Promise yourself to restrain from smoking it even in the most desperate situation. It is better to make a stash and use it when you are out of pocket.

4. Clean Your Paraphernalia

After a long period of constant usage, your paraphernalia may become full of cannabis leftovers. Admit that even the cleanest tokers have to deal with it from time to time. It is easy to develop a habit of cleanliness if you start by trying to keep only several of your accessories clean. We assure you that soon you will not be able to leave your pipe or bong dirty.

5. Stay Active When You Are High

Getting high does not always mean becoming couch-locked. Do you know that cannabis may help you stay in good shape? Some tokers report that they play basketball better when they are stoned. Weed can boost your energy level and inspire you for active workouts.

Improve Quality of Your Workout With Cannabis
Improve Quality of Your Workout With Cannabis
Marijuana can help you relieve pain, decrease your anxiety, and even eliminate some symptoms of a range of serious diseases. But is it true that weed can also make you better in sports and fitness?

6. Take a Cannabis Break

If you have noticed that smoking weed has become a part of your daily routine, promise yourself to have marijuana-free days next year. Of course, it will require a certain level of strength. But your tolerance to cannabis will lower after a few days of withdrawal from the substance, so you will be able to get the same high using a smaller amount of weed.

7. Use Your Creative Energy

When you are high, it is the perfect time to create something unusual and unique. Many great artists used drugs for enhancing their creativity, and people admire their works till the present time. Write a poem or paint a picture. Perform any activity that inspires you each time when cannabis awakens your inner desire for self-expression.

8. Consume Weed as a Reward

Your fitness goals will be achieved faster if you are encouraged with a marijuana pipe. Buy some marijuana to consume after your workout, and you will notice that fitness challenges are not so exhausting. You can also reward yourself with new weed strains and diversify your cannabis experience. Undoubtedly, marijuana can be a powerful motivation to move you forward.

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17 Best Weed Strains for Celebrating the Holidays
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9. Eat Healthier Munchies

Most weed users do not pay attention to the kind of munchies they eat when cannabis-enduced hunger comes to them. However, you may risk your health if you eat everything you see around you. Promise yourself to prepare healthier munchies before you get stoned next year. You can avoid extra calories if you eat fresh fruit or healthy snacks after your smoke sessions.

10. Substitute Cannabis for Alcohol or Opioids

Marijuana has already been proven to be far more beneficial than alcohol or opioids. While alcohol leads to aggressiveness and brain damage, opioids also have a wide range of side effects. In contrast, cannabis can relieve your chronic stress and pain with the same effectiveness but without the harmful outcomes for your health.

Beer Producers Suffer From Legal Recreational Marijuana
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