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Oct 21, 2016 1:00 PM

10 Weed Startups Worth Your Attention

Nowadays, when the dark times of marijuana prohibition are finally ending across the U.S., the cannabis market is flourishing with new creative ideas. Last month, the industry leaders and entrepreneurs gathered at the Cannabis World Congress to exchange their ideas and present their innovative products to the public. Analyzing the Congress discoveries, Weedy has put together a list of ten cannabis startups that are worth your attention.Weed Startups, Marijuana Startup Organic Goods


AcroVape presented an innovative vaporizer called Insta-Dab at the Congress. This battery-powered device was designed to provide tokers with “the best-tasting and smoothest-hitting dab.” The developers are sure that Insta-Dab is the vape of the future as it does not require torches or butane, which could be very dangerous. Insta-Dab is easy to use, portable, and requires no charging.

LeafLine Labs

LeafLine Labs provide medical marijuana to Minnesota patients from their indoor farm. The company grows its own medical cannabis and packages it for the people who deserve a better life.

First Commercial Weed Beer Federally Approved
First Commercial Weed Beer Federally Approved
Last year when Dad & Dudes Breweria launched their first beer infused with cannabis oil at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the product generated a lot of buzz. This year, the company has gone further and won the country’s first federal approval for its CBD-rich beer.


Gateway is a business incubator for cannabis-related startups. Twice a year, the company invests $30,000 each in up to ten different marijuana startups and helps them develop their businesses. In addition to the money, startups also get intense coaching and mentoring during four months. After graduation, new companies continue their activity with the support of the Gateway community of cannabis mentors and entrepreneurs.


PotBot uses modern technology, artificial intelligence, and DNA data to provide users with the most accurate advice on marijuana strains. The first virtual budtender is now available in mobile or desktop apps. It suggests weed products and administration methods taking into account the specific health problems of the patient.


Printabowl is an innovative startup created by two Washington entrepreneurs. The developers of unique marijuana bowls wanted to pursue two purposes at once. On the one hand, they developed a vintage collection of designer-sculpted weed smoking bowls designated for true pot aficionados who are in love with cigarette lighters and collector pipes. On the other hand, the producers were so inspired by the benefits of 3-D printers that decided to use them for manufacturing their bowls.

Cannabis-Infused Products That Will Amaze You
Cannabis-Infused Products That Will Amaze You
The variety of cannabis-infused products in the market is very impressive. Today, it is hard to think of anything that cannot be infused with marijuana, maybe, except for children products. You may be very surprised to learn that some weed goods already exist.


FunkSac is a Denver-based business that offers a wide range of packages for marijuana products. Their bags are child-resistant, odorless, and eco-friendly. Upon customer's request, FunkSac can print business names, addresses, and product details on their packages.


PreciseCannabis positions itself as a thought leadership and PR company for marijuana brands. The agency helps cannabis businesses create promotional content and expose it in the industry-leading media.


WeedTraQR is an innovative traceability compliance software designed for seed-to-sale tracking that can be done from any smartphone or tablet. With this application, cannabis businesses will be able to obtain accurate and up-to-date inventory data. It allows you to sort the information by categories depending on your needs. This unique software saves many hours of your time and provides you with a competitive business advantage.

Marley Natural Presents Its New Cannabis Product Line
Marley Natural Presents Its New Cannabis Product Line
Last week, Marley Natural, the official cannabis brand of Bob Marley, started the sale of their new line of cannabis-based products at the dispensaries of Oregon.

New Frontier

New Frontier is a startup of a former investment banker that offers cannabis market analytics and market research for better business development. The company guides trailblazers in the growing weed market to make critical decisions based on valuable data.


GrowBuddy presented its application designed for weed producers by producers. Their product is a helpful farming manager that allows growers to make notes, receive professional advice, and even buy supplies in a marketplace.