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Mar 17, 2016 5:54 PM

1PM Industries Launches CBD Line

As the market for recreational and medical marijuana intensifies, the demand for cannabis is actively booming. Recently, the Colorado-based developer and distributor of cannabis-infused products 1PM Industries Inc. announced that it was launching a line of three CBD-infused health and wellness products thus adding to the rapidly growing non-psychoactive natural hemp supplements industry.

The edibles company launches three new cannabidiol-enriched supplements available for purchase everywhere in the United States. Yes, legally. And yes, in all 50 states. Amazing, right?

1PM believes that the future of CBD hemp oil is unlimited, and the company is proving it by going forward in the matter of legal distribution and selling non-psychoactive cannabidiol supplements. So, now you will have a chance to buy CBD Shots, BuzzKill, and 50mg or 100mg CBD versions of 1PM Multiple Award Winning Cookie Spread not only in marijuana dispensaries near you but most likely in Whole Foods and many other large retailers.

It Is All About Healthy Balance

The cannabidiol products of most pot companies contain detectable levels of THC. The level of THC in the new CBD line is undetectable, which allows 1PM Inc. to distribute the products not only through dispensaries but nationwide.

According to the manufacturer, its 1.9-ounce CBD Shots kill your pain and relieve inflammation and anxiety without any kind of high or sleepy effect. The products will be available in Mango Soda and Strawberry Soda flavors.

CBD-infused Cookie Spread is crafted from industrial-quality hemp grown in Europe and all natural ingredients in order to make you healthier and happier. The product's sale started in early February, and many dispensaries are waiting to have Cookie Spread on their counters.

If you are looking for a medical cannabis product that could protect you from the high associated with THC, BuzzKill is exactly what you need. Achieved through its proprietary blend and dose of cannabidiol, the product reduces the intoxicating effects of THC. You will be able to find BuzzKill at your nearest medical marijuana dispensary or order it online after March 15, 2016.

Step Toward Making CBD Mainstream Like Fish Oil

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers hemp-based cannabinoids to be “food-based," meaning that CBD products are legal with a medical marijuana license. CBD-based supplements were shown to relieve inflammation, nausea, and anxiety. Marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics, decrease the number of painkiller overdoses, and impact thousands of people suffering from cancer or epilepsy. Still, some ways of medical use are controversial according to researchers. Many people just do not understand the difference between CBD and THC. Although CBD is legal in each state of the U.S. and in other 42 countries, the FDA is trying to prevent manufacturers like 1PM Industries from trading its infused products outside of a dispensary.

The Colorado­based pot manufacturer's CEO Joseph Wade believes that the launch of the CBD line wellness supplement is a big victory and considers that as a first step in educating the public. People should not be afraid of cannabidiol­infused products. 1PM Industries is all about providing quality supplements and mainstreaming CBD.