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Mar 9, 2016 5:54 PM

3 Cannabis Events to Attend in March

Join the massive movement of marijuana advocates and activists—take part in the special weed-related events and learn something new about your favorite plant. Which are the best head shops near me? What kind of cannabis is good for treating this or that disease? Whom should I consult before starting my medical marijuana therapy? You will find all the answers you need at one of these marijuana events.

The events of that kind are meant to educate people, tell them about the latest innovations and improvements in the cannabis industry, and create the room for experience exchange on each level: from growers and producers to sellers to doctors to patients. Weedy will tell you about the three upcoming cannabis events you can take part in.

The Hemp & Cannabis Fair

Location: Roseburg, OR
Date: March 12–13, 2016
THC Fair is one of the biggest marijuana-related expositions in the U.S. Whether you are a grower or a medical cannabis patient, here you will find everything you need. There will be a large exposition of cannabis products, tools, and accessories for the medical and recreational marijuana users. For those who are interested in growing high-quality cannabis, there will be plenty of the growing and harvest equipment.
The expo will take place at Douglas County Fairgrounds. For more details, visit THC Fair's official website.

National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference

Location: Washington, DC
Date: March 18–22, 2016
If you are more interested in the medical aspects of using cannabis, make sure you will take part in the 4th Annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference held by the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) group. The event will take place at Lowes Madison Hotel in Washington, DC. This event is all about medical weed professionals and patients. You will meet patients who use CBD hemp oil and other medical marijuana products instead of or in tandem with their regular medications, providers of medical cannabis products, activists, and advocates who are fighting for the legalization of medical weed.
This event helps create a network of professionals, researchers, and activists on every level, share information about the newest medical marijuana dispensaries, innovative products, legislative initiatives, and more.
If you have no financial resources to attend the 4th National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, you may apply for ASA Scholarship. The scholarship will cover the cost of your trip, lodging expenses, and also the cost of registration for the event. You will find more info on the conference's official website.

Cannabis Investing Virtual Event

Date: March 29-30, 2016
For some of us, marijuana became something more than just a medication or a source of pleasure—it is a perfect tool for financial investment. If you want to join the community of professionals who build the cannabis industry from day to day, consider attending the upcoming online meeting with the leading cannabis executives, investors, and analysts.
The event will give you an opportunity to meet the leading professionals of the weed industry, and to learn about the possible ways of investing your money in different areas of the legal marijuana market. You will find more info about the meeting here.

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