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Aug 16, 2017 12:05 PM

3 Handy Things for Replacing Your Lighter

Lighters are the most obvious choice to ignite your joint or bowl. They are universal tools that make the lives of many people easier. However, when it comes to your weed, there are other more interesting ways to light it.

While lighters can be found in any home, they are not the most practical tools. Some alternatives are more interesting and even entertaining. Wait up, do not rush into things and throw away all lighters that you can find at home—you do not want to be a caveman and use sticks to make a fire.

However, you should definitely try at least one of these devices when you have spare time. Who knows, maybe you will find them more practical and efficient.

Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is hemp twine that has been dipped in beeswax to make it more suitable for lighting herbs. While you still need a lighter to ignite the wick itself, this method is easier and safer.

First of all, it removes butane from the equation, and you do not have to inhale its fumes when you smoke a joint. It addition, hemp wick burns at a lower temperature, which actually improves the taste of your weed. We all know that higher temperatures do nothing good to terpenes and make it impossible to uncover the whole bouquet of the herb's flavor. As a result of using hemp wick, you get purity of flavor and reduce the butane fumes.

Another benefit of wick is easy use. This twine is more comfortable to hold than a lighter, and there is no danger of burning your fingers. The stuff is easy to carry around, and it is completely unnoticeable.

Glass Wands

Have you ever heard about greevo sticks? This name may mean nothing even to an avid stoner. However, these strange sticks are also called glass wands that are rather popular on the market today.

It is quite a unique way to light your cannabis. These small borosilicate appliances can be found in any headshop or online store. The way they work fascinates all stoners who see them for the first time. The tip of the wand can be heated in any way you can imagine. After giving the stick a few moments to cool down, you press it into your pipe, and the weed is momentarily ignited. Instant vaporization done this way is safe because you can control the temperature of the tip yourself.

The greevo stick heats the cannabis up to its combustion point and directs the smoke into your device. This lighter substitution also provides you with a cleaner flavor of marijuana.


If you want to change something in your cannabis routine but are not ready to give up on a lighter yet, you can replace it with a flame-free one. Despite looking like average lighters, they are nothing like the regular butane ones. These appliances are the recent hit of the market. The designs are so various that you may be a little bit lost at first.

Most of them use plasma coils that are heated to an incredible temperature and can light a joint or the weed in your pipe. Those arcs that emit a tiny spark from two opposite sides seem amazing. They look like they have come from the future.

These lighters are often called “windproof” because of their ability to work even on a windy day, which can be a problem for regular lighter.

If you want a novelty among your cannabis paraphernalia, these lighter options are the most beneficial choices you can make. They are not simple trinkets that will be used once and stored in some far corner for years. All of them are useful.

However, if you want something more extreme and do not want to pay a lot of money, just use a magnifying glass. Of course, it sounds crazy, but what if you can do it?