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Feb 1, 2017 12:05 PM

3 Marijuana Events to Attend in February

The weed industry is one of the most rapidly developing industries in the U.S. It creates thousands of jobs and provides people with alternative solutions in different areas: from healthcare to wellness to nutrition to fashion. And the best way to learn more about the possibilities the booming cannabis industry can give you is to attend one of the upcoming marijuana-related events. Here are the three most important events that will be happening in February.

Emerald Conference

When: February 2, 2017

Where: San Diego, CA

The upcoming Emerald Conference is one of the biggest conferences focusing on the cannabis industry. This gathering will give you the information you need in order to become a better professional. The conference covers different topics: from marijuana legalization to the scientific research to the standardization of the cannabis industry. Here, you can meet the leaders of the cannabis industry, listen to the leading weed researchers, network with the industry professionals, and more.

For more details, go to the conference's website.

Safe Harbor Cannabis Banking Policy Initiative Forum

When: February 15, 2017

Where: Pueblo, CO

The fact that it is nearly impossible for a cannapreneur to fully cooperate with the banking system is one of the biggest problems the marijuana industry is facing today. Most of the banks still do not want to get involved with the cannabusiness because the government keeps classifying marijuana as a Schedule I substance. But there are pro-marijuana activists who are ready to fight to eliminate the stigma around weed.

The main speaker of the event, Sundie Seefried, is a CEO and president of Denver-based Partner Colorado Credit Union. She developed an innovative full-scope cannabis banking program that may be the key to changing the way marijuana industry is forced to work. For more information, go to the forum's official page on Facebook.

The Hemp & Cannabis Career Fair

When: February 18-19, 2017

Where: Denver, CO

The upcoming THC Career Fair is your perfect opportunity to become a part of the cannabis industry and find the job of your dreams. To make the choice a bit easier for you, the organizers split the event into two parts:

  • On the first day of the fair, they will feature the employers from hemp companies and other cannabis businesses.
  • The second day of the fair will feature the cannabis cultivation companies and marijuana retailers.

For more information, go to the THC Career Fair's website.

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