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Mar 2, 2017 12:05 PM

3 Marijuana Events to Attend in March

With the marijuana legalization gaining momentum across the country, there are more events for weed lovers, advocates, and supporters to join. Weedy will tell you about the three most interesting and important cannabis events of the month.

HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup

When: March 4-5, 2-17

Where: Las Vegas, NV

In March, Vegas is going to become the new cannabis capital because it is where the upcoming HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup will take place. This event is all about celebrating the world of ganja. There will be numerous competitions, educational seminars, celebrity guests, and, of course, one of the biggest marijuana trade shows and expositions ever.

Cannabis Cup is the perfect place for marijuana fans to make new friends among like-minded people, learn more about their favorite plant, and show their support to the weed legalization movement. This event is also a great opportunity to educate people who are curious about cannabis' medicinal potential or want to know more about the benefits of ending the marijuana prohibition.

For more details about the upcoming event, visit the Cannabis Cup's website.

Cannabis Business Expo

When: March 5-8, 2017

Where: San Diego, CA

The 3rd Annual Spring Cannabis Business Expo is one of the leading forums in the cannabis industry. This expo will become a perfect networking and educational platform for everyone who wants to become a part of one of the most fast-growing industries in the U.S..

During the four days, the guests of the Cannabis Business Expo will be able to attend numerous exhibitions, educational sessions, and seminars. Among the speakers, there will be lawmakers, politicians, industry experts, scientists, and more.

For more details, go to the expo's website.

Cannabis Wedding Expo 2017

When: March 26, 2017

Where: Portland, OR

Cannabis-friendly weddings become a reality for people who live in the states with legal marijuana. Attend the upcoming Cannabis Wedding Expo in Portland, Oregon, and learn how to infuse your special day with the spirit of weed.

The main goal of the expo is to help 420-friendly couples discover all the ways they can make cannabis a part of their wedding ceremony: from hemp dresses to floral arrangements to pot-friendly photographers.

For more information, go to the Cannabis Wedding Expo's website.

Cannabis Wedding Expo to Be Held in Portland
Cannabis Wedding Expo to Be Held in Portland
Most pot-friendly couples benefit from smoking weed: it can eliminate anxiety, improve your sex life, and help you open up emotionally. Since marijuana enthusiasts have much in common, some of them decide to marry each other. Although a wedding is always stressful, weed can make both the couple and the guests more relaxed. Are you already planning a marijuana-style marriage celebration? A pot wedding expo is ready to help!
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