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Jan 30, 2017 12:05 PM

3 Most Popular Speculations on Apple Trying to Patent Vaporizer

Surprising news from Apple generated a lot of buzz at the end of last week. Apple has filed an application to patent a vaporizer. Does it mean that the tech giant is going to create a new iVape to enter the cannabis market? Here are three most popular speculations on why the company needs a patent for a vaporizer.

Digital Trends noticed the publication of the Apple patent on the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week. The application was actually filed in July 2016. The document requests a patent for a sublimator or a vaporizer designed for substance sublimation or vaporization. However, there is no mentioning of marijuana or any other substance that will be used in this device.

This ambiguity has spurred a lot of suggestions in the media. Some suppose that Apple is secretly planning to invent the new iVape, while others think that the device will be used for purposes other than cannabis vaping.

So let us look at the most popular speculations on why Apple may want to patent a vaporizer.

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Huge Opportunities for Cannabis Paraphernalia

The most popular speculation is that cannabis vaporizers have become increasingly popular after marijuana legalization. Moreover, eight more states legalized the herb last year, so the cannabis market has become more attractive for companies producing pot paraphernalia.

Besides, it is quite suspicious that Apple applied for a patent on July 20, 2016. It was less than a month after the initiative to legalize recreational marijuana qualified for the ballot in California, a state where the company's headquarters are located.

Some Apple employees have already left their positions to join the cannabis market. For instance, Leafly mentioned that former company developers Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson united their efforts to invent the Firefly, a high-quality vaporizer. Thus, there are high chances that Apple also wants to implement their innovations in the vaporization field.

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CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer
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Innovative Ways of Marijuana Vaporization

Technically it is possible to receive a patent for an apparatus that will be used for the vaporization of an illegal substance like cannabis. However, most companies that produce weed vaporizers prefer to claim that their devices can be used with various substances other than cannabis.

Similarly, Apple just mentioned that its apparatus was designed for substances that can be vaporized. However, the application images show that the device can deal with a solid product or a liquid substance, which could be pot flowers or extracts, according to Siliconbeat. It is also noted that a regular vaporizer produces an inconsistent vaporization rate, and Apple is planning to fix this issue with its innovative heating element.

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How to Choose High-Quality Vaporizer?
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Other Things That Can Be Done With Vaporizer

There is also another suspicion that Apple will not enter the cannabis market because marijuana is still prohibited under the federal law. Instead, the company may produce vaporizers for virtual-reality systems called “smell-o-vision.”

The Verge also suggested that the vaporizer could be used as an air freshener. It is well-known that Apple is currently developing some car technology, so this invention may be a part of that project.

Moreover, the technological progress has made it possible to make interactive holograms with the help of vapor. There is even a mobile device that people can vape.

It is still early to answer exactly why Apple needs a patent for a vaporizer, but this exciting news gives hope to millions of marijuana users that one day they will be able to smoke from a new iVape.

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