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Jun 7, 2017 12:05 PM

3 Reasons to Choose Dark Cannabis Concentrates

Most marijuana consumers prefer light cannabis concentrates supposing that they have better quality than the dark ones. However, this visual difference of weed extracts has nothing to do with their quality. If you are among those people who are very picky about the color of cannabis extracts, here are three reasons to stop avoiding dark concentrates.

People tend to think that the dark color of marijuana extracts is the sign of danger. It seems unnatural to them. It is true about all products we purchase. If we see an item of a strange color, we do not buy it. That is why the food industry now uses artificial dye in the manufacturing of different products—butter is made to be perfectly yellow, and flour is bleached to look purely white. The same thing is happening with marijuana concentrates.

In fact, it is nothing more than a myth that the lightness of weed concentrates is a guarantee of their high quality. It just means that the extract was thoroughly purified and refined. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons to choose darker extracts.

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Concentrates Guide: What You Should Know
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Dark Extracts Feel Like Weed Flowers

Unlike light concentrates that usually have only THC and CBD in them, the dark ones contain more compounds of marijuana flowers. Thanks to this difference, dark extracts can ensure an experience that is similar to smoking dried weed flowers. Moreover, the dark cannabis derivatives provide almost as many medical benefits as flowers.

Heavy Physical High

The high induced by dark concentrates is also a bit heavier and more down-to-earth than that of light extracts. Though the effects depend on the particular strain, indica cannabis tends to produce darker extracts than sativa. The sedative effects of unpurified indica concentrates ensure a powerful physical high for weed consumers. Moreover, dark indica extracts are more likely to provide calming and pain-killing effects than the light ones.

Darker Color Means Less Solvents

In order to produce light concentrates, weed companies have to put them through many different processes. The transparency of extracts is usually achieved with the application of such solvents as BHO under low temperature. This method of purifying usually leaves residue of chemicals in the extracts. Though not all light concentrates involve the usage of solvents, there is still a high risk of contamination.

How to Avoid Bad Cannabis Concentrates
How to Avoid Bad Cannabis Concentrates
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In contrast, water hash or rosin are completely free of solvents as these chemicals are not used for their production. Such cannabis extracts tend to have dark coloring.

Choosing cannabis concentrates is a personal matter of every weed consumer, but you should not be distracted by their color. Though light extracts seem more eye-catching, it does not mean that the dark-colored ones are low in quality. Instead, dark cannabis concentrates are a great choice for weed consumers who are looking for a flower taste and more grounded body effects.

Best Ways to Consume Cannabis Concentrates
Best Ways to Consume Cannabis Concentrates
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