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May 1, 2016 8:45 AM

4/20 Events You Should Have Visited

The 20th of April is truly a very significant day for the whole cannabis community. 420 is a special number that symbolizes this incredible culture. This year, the April celebration of marijuana was a crazy event that was held throughout the whole world.

There are so many places to go this day that it is hard to choose only one, or even only the best ones. If you stayed at home during this day's celebration, you missed the most fascinating events of the year. Be sure to plan a trip to some of the following festivals next year. If you are truly zealous about cannabis, this holiday is for you.

A Taste of THC

If you were in Los Angeles on April, 19, you probably heard about this amazing A Taste of THC party. This was a late-night event that gathered the most famous and avid cannabis enthusiasts. On that day, downtown LA gathered the creme-de-la-creme of the cannabis community in one penthouse. People had an opportunity to enjoy their favorite hobby, chill, listen to a famous DJ, and entertain themselves. In addition to the open bar with drinks, the guests could enjoy an open dab bar. This thematic section of the party was the key reason for the people to gather—the whole point of the celebration. The hosts provided a wide choice of marijuana strains and ways to consume cannabis. In addition, all California dispensaries became a popular place of celebration on the next day.

One Love Massive Party

A huge block party in Washington D.C. is one of the most significant events for American stoners. Sponsored by One Love Massive, the party was a celebration of the launch of its new website. Almost for the whole day people could enjoy various forms of entertainment provided by the host. 15 DJs have been hired to make the day special. What is more, a special pro-cannabis rally was held in front of the White House. Just imagine the scale of the celebration—it was huge. Be ready for the next year's 420 events in Washington and do not miss any of them.

OneLove 420 Orlando Festival

Another American 420 festival was organized in Orlando. This is a new event, established only last year, but it has already become an annual fest. On April 20, this city is full of various events that are designed to celebrate the world's cannabis day. And it really is pretty wild. Among other attractions, there is even a giant water slide. The entertainment program is full of music and dancing. There is even a drag show held at this fest. This day is really worth a trip to Disneyland. Play games, sing karaoke, eat delicacies, and have fun. The motto of the festival is Peace and Happiness. So be sure to visit this annual event next year, if you want to spend a happy day in a crowd of people like you—weed enthusiasts.

420 Festival in Amsterdam

Amsterdam—a mecca of all European stoners—will never miss an opportunity to hold a special marijuana-related fest. If you have missed it this year, we recommend planning the trip to the city next April. You will not regret it. This year, the annual festival was held in the center of the city. Every tourist could enjoy this massive celebration. An enormous number of people gathered to drink, eat, dance, and sing just outside of Amsterdam City Hall. And, of course, all of this was accompanied by weed. On this day, a record amount of weed was consumed. This is also an ideal opportunity for people who are not closely acquainted with weed to try it for the fist time. Pleasant people, cheery atmosphere, holiday spirit—all of this makes the day even more special for all marijuana devotees.

Hyde Park Rally

Similar to the cannabis-themed rally in Washington, Londoners decided to organize their own celebration dedicated to the “magic” plant. The citizens are famous for their love for this recreational drug. Starting from the 60s when The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were no strangers to cannabis, the plant has been very popular among the youth. This year, the rally was held in Hyde Park were all cannabis advocates could gather and relaxed in a friendly atmosphere. If you want to experience something new, visit London this time of a year in 2017.