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Mar 31, 2017 12:05 PM

4 Events for Marijuana Fans to Attend in April

The time for celebrating 420 is coming! There will be a lot of thrilling and entertaining events in April, and Weedy will tell you about the four most interesting of them.

Introductory cooking with cannabis

When: April 2, 2017

Where: Denver, CO

On April 1, you can attend a unique cooking class where a professional edibles chief Torrin Panico will teach you how to infuse your favorite meals with cannabis. Learn more about the newest cannabis culinary techniques, various infusion methods, and the best ways to pick the right dosage of cannabis extracts for your edibles.

To learn more about the upcoming class' program and the chief Torrin Panico, go to the event's website.

Cooking With Cannabis: Basics
Cooking With Cannabis: Basics
Have you ever felt a craving to cook a delicious dish and share it with your friends? Do you want to make it a little bit more spicy? Add cannabis and get the tastiest high in your life.

Cannabis and Sex for Beginners

When: April 20, 2017

Where: Seattle, WA

Join a free workshop dedicated to the relation between sex and cannabis that will take place at Seattle Babeland store. During this short workshop, you will learn how to enhance your sex life with the help of marijuana. The event starts at 7 p.m., but you might want to arrive earlier because the first five guests will receive special gifts.

For more details, go to the event's webpage.

Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
There are some marijuana effects that are rarely mentioned. One of them is the arousing property of weed. In case you did not know this fact, smoking cannabis can make your intimate life better and more diverse.

High Times Cannabis Cup So-Cal

When: April 21-23, 2017

Where: San Bernardino, CA

For three days, San Bernardino will become a center of cannabis culture celebration. And for the first time in the Cannabis Cup So-Cal history, HIGH TIMES will host an event dedicated to recreational marijuana. Join hundreds of weed lovers, supporters, advocates, and activists in celebrating the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in the Golden State.

The upcoming Cannabis Cup So-Cal will feature lots of interesting events: from educational classes to cannabis career fair to live grow room. For more details, go to the Cup's official website.

California Just Legalized Marijuana
California Just Legalized Marijuana
Recreational marijuana in now legal in California. Voters have approved Proposition 64, making California the most populous state in the United States to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

New England Cannabis Convention

When: April 22, 2017

Where: Boston, MA

The upcoming New England Cannabis Convention in Boston is your ultimate chance to celebrate the recent legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts and get better informed about the booming marijuana industry. There will be hundreds of exhibitors from across the U.S. as well as from Massachusetts. Over 100 speakers will share their knowledge and experience in different areas: from medical marijuana education to starting a career in the cannabis industry to investing money in cannabis businesses.

For more details, visit the convention's website.

Massachusetts Professor Creates App for Stoned Drivers
Massachusetts Professor Creates App for Stoned Drivers
After Massachusetts voters approved the legalization of recreational cannabis, the state police have begun to consider devices for identifying drugged drivers. Michael Milburn, a psychology professor at the University of Massachusetts, has developed a special mobile app for testing weed impairment.

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