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Jul 10, 2017 12:05 PM

4 Safe CBD-Rich Treats for Your Pet

The question whether stoners should share their cannabis avocation with their pets has been around for a few years now. Veterinarians witness more and more cases of overdose, especially among dogs. If you decide to try medicating an animal with cannabis, you should know what is safe for them.

Though it is not always owners who are to blame for feeding their animals too much marijuana, these cases happen. The main problem of many stoners is ignorance.

Weed for Animals: Can You Cure Your Pet With Cannabis?
Weed for Animals: Can You Cure Your Pet With Cannabis?
Cannabis can be an effective medical treatment for many serious human diseases, such as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and a wide range of other conditions. But can cannabis ease the suffering of our furry friends? Let us find out.

According to the federal law, veterinarians cannot prescribe cannabis-based remedies to treat animals. Moreover, most of them refrain from even consulting the owners on the matter afraid of losing their license. This situation often leads to the misuse of weed medication. If you decide to treat your pet with marijuana, you should follow a few rules, among which is starting with small doses and buying specialized treats for pets. You will find the detailed information on the peculiarities of cannabis treatment for animals in the following article:

What You Should Know Before Treating Pets With Cannabis
What You Should Know Before Treating Pets With Cannabis
Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming more and more popular among patients with various ailments. The list of the medical properties of cannabis is impressive. Recently, the trend spread to veterinarians as well. Many of them believe that CBD-based remedies can treat animals.

As pets are very susceptible to THC, you should be careful about what you buy. Because of the abundance of receptors in their brains, animals can experience static ataxia and other negative health effects. Many doctors support THC-free hemp-based remedies. There are many options to choose from, including edibles, tinctures, and oils.

In this article, we at Weedy decided to show you what treats are safe for your fluffy friends. All of them are rich in CBD, which is the most beneficial cannabis component in medicine.

Hemp CBD Bacon Dog Treats

It is hard to tell what edibles taste best for dogs, but bacon treats sound tasty. Dog Treats by Hemp Health Inc. are straightforward and simple—they are all about medicating your pet. The ingredients are all natural: whole wheat flour, bacon bouillon, water, eggs, and hemp CBD. Each biscuit contains 4 mg of CBD and no THC at all. Buying these treats, you get 25 items to medicate your dog. Besides, they have a bacon flavor. What can be better for your pet?

CBD-Rich Dog Treats by Hemp Fields Farm

Another kind of dog cookies full of CBD is sold by Hemp Fields Farm. These treats are 100 percent organic. All ingredients are completely safe and natural. These edibles strongly resemble peanut butter sweets you would cook for your friends—just without the sugar part and with the addition of carrots. One biscuit contains 5 mg of CBD, which is a little more than in the previous item. However, this amount of cannabinoids is safe for your pet—just make sure you do not feed it the whole box at once. One piece should be enough for most problems.

CBD Pet Chews by Treatibles

The Treatibles company is proud to present their wonderful, lab-tested pet treats. The results of laboratory checks are printed on all bags that contain CBD Pet Chews. Prior to preparing the treats, the company tests the raw material for purity, pesticides, contaminants, molds, and exact cannabinoid levels. Treats come in either small bags that include 36 chews with 1 mg of CBD per piece or large bags with 24 items that contain 2.5 mg per piece. The suggested dose is 1 mg per every 10 lb of weight. You can spoil your dog with tasty pumpkin or blueberry chews.

Kale and Carrot CBD Hemp Oil Edibles

These treats were created by Pet Releaf—a company that specializes in animal treatment. They may not look appetizing, but, just like your healthy green juice, they are useful and not as bad as they seem. These cubes of pressed kale and flour are sweetened with carrots and honey, which improves their flavor. One piece contains 1.5 mg of CBD, which makes it a lighter solution in comparison to the previous treats. The ingredients are organic. Besides, there is Vitamin C in the product.