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Oct 19, 2016 12:55 PM

5 Awesome Cannabis-Infused Chocolates You Can Try Right Now

Cannabis-infused chocolates are becoming increasingly popular among weed enthusiasts. Can you imagine the two awesome tastes of marijuana and chocolate coming together to provide you with an unforgettable experience? We have made a list of five most delicious infused sweets that will definitely make your mouth water.

1. Day Dreamers: Indica and Sativa Bars

The indica bars can be used as a both effective and tasty medication. Thus, it can easily relieve spasms, cramps, and stress. Day Dreamers recommend consuming indica bars at nighttime to achieve better results. We recommend trying classic or apricot varieties that contain 180 mg of pure indica THC.

The sativa bars can boost your creativity, alleviate the symptoms of depression, and provide a stimulating cerebral effect. Those who prefer chocolate with extreme potency may try the Peppermint Sativa bar that is infused with 720 mg of sativa THC.

2. Hashman Infused: Milk Chocolate

Hashman Infused uses the finest chocolate available and a powerful dose of 200 mg of THC in each bar. In their product line, you can find classic milk chocolate, vanilla, and peanut varieties.

3. Hashman Infused: Dark Chocolate

Hashman Infused dark chocolates are also produced using the finest cocoa and concentrates. The company offers a wide range of flavor options, such as blueberry, roasted almond, and cherry with different amounts of CBD. You can also try an awesome cherry bomb that contains 420 mg of pure THC concentrates and includes “weed” rocks that will pop after coming in contact with saliva.

4. Punch Bars: Cannabis-Infused Milk Chocolate

Punch Bars offers classic milk chocolate that contains 150 mg of the best-quality concentrates on the market. Looking for something more potent? Special chocolate bars with 225 mg of THC are also available. Caramel and toffee varieties are also a great choice!

5. Punch Bars: Cannabis-Infused Dark Chocolate

Punch Bars cannabis-infused dark chocolate bars come with 150 or 225 mg of cannabis concentrates in each. Mint, almond, raspberry, and tangerine flavors can definitely satisfy your various cravings.