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Mar 30, 2016 8:12 AM

5 Best Marijuana Products for Your Beauty

With the immensity of information on the Internet nowadays, anyone with a computer can find out how to get high. But do you know how your skin can benefit from the product you are using to get stoned?

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana, new opportunities are opening up to people who take care of their health and beauty. Full of vitamins, antioxidants, and active cannabinoids, these innovative beauty products can reduce pain, inflammation, and evidence of aging. Learn more about the most effective marijuana skincare products you can find at the closest weed dispensary.

Hemp Hand Creams

Cannabis-infused hand creams are very popular among marijuana consumers because of their perfect moisturizing effects. For example, Hemp Hydrate Hand Cream, with its 25 mg of CBD, can protect dry skin with a deep moisture treatment and effectively diminish the signs of sun damaging or natural aging process. Moreover, this product will nourish your hands with a soothing and comforting relief.

Pain Topicals

Apothecanna has an obvious advantage over various calming body lotions and creams thanks to organic ingredients that ensure a long-lasting soothing effect. Apothecanna's main component is a non-psychoactive marijuana extract that in combination with other organic concentrates creates a highly functional treatment of chronic pain and muscle tension. Massage the inflamed area using Apothecanna Pain Creme with anti-inflammatory cannabis and cooling peppermint to relieve stress and pain. In the case of serious injuries, Extra Strength Pain Spray provides effective help to your joints and muscles with the active THC and CBD in each bottle. All marijuana topicals have aromatherapy properties that also provide a healing effect on the mind.

Personal Lubricants

Though this product is not meant for a head or body high, it can make women's lives much more comfortable. The cannabinoids found in personal lubricants will provide a long-lasting relief to female genitalia in a quarter of an hour. The high content of THC makes this therapeutic spray a good medication for patients suffering from endometriosis, menopause, herpes, and the effects of chemotherapy.

Lip Balms

If you have sensitive lips that often become weather-beaten or chapped, you should try marijuana-infused lip balms that carefully protect lips with hemp seeds oil. Moreover, these products are a great way to consume cannabis discretely. Besides lip treatment, the medicated tubes, including those produced by Divine Remedies, Sacred Herb Medicinals, or Amazing Herbal Creations, will also provide you with a little buzz during the day. Thus, make your choice depending on the result you want to have. With a sativa-infused balm, you will have enough energy for an entire day, while an indica-based balm will help you relax in the evening.

Cannabis Soaps

Marijuana oil is also excellent as everyday replenishment for the skin. There is a broad range of cannabis-infused products for skin that differ in their aroma and quality. Face and Body Soap created by Amazing Herbal Creations has been laboratory tested and has gained positive feedback from consumers. Natural cannabis oil makes dry and sensitive skin velvety soft and tender.

What kind of cannabis beauty products have you already tried? Let us know all about your beauty experience with marijuana products in the comments below.