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Jun 30, 2017 12:05 PM

5 Best Weed Appliances for Home Use

Though you can find almost all the necessary cannabis products at your local marijuana dispensary, there are still some exclusive high-tech appliances that can make your weed experience better. If you are open for experiments at home, then the following five devices will help you get more from marijuana flowers.

Volcano Digit

The first Volcano was produced in Germany by the Storz & Bickel Company in 1996, and the manufacturer still ensures the high quality of their handmade appliances. This cannabis vaporizer can be easily used by both beginners and marijuana aficionados. The latest model is supplied with the Easy Valve starter set for more comfortable application. There is also a huge LED display that provides you with all the necessary information. The price is $599, which might seem a little bit expensive for a cannabis appliance. However, its high quality and easy usage make Volcano Digit a worthy investment.

Nova Decarboxylator

If you are a medical patient who requires a precise dosing of cannabis oils or extracts, then Nova Decarboxylator will help you decarb marijuana no worse than laboratory devices. The innovative technology allows preserving the maximum amount of terpenes and activating cannabinoids. You can prepare fully-activated sublingual cannabis for its further application in vaporizers, tinctures or home-made edibles. The device holds up to 14 mg of dried flowers or 5 ounces of kief. The manufacturer offers to buy the tool online at the price of $210.

Magical Butter

The Magical Butter machine was specially designed for producing highly concentrated cannabis infusions without any effort on your part. This first countertop extractor made a revolution in homemade infusion in 2012. Since that time, the device has been attracting the attention of many cannabis users as it can grind weed flowers as well as stir, heat, and steep extracts, which can be used in creating cannabis tinctures, lotions, and oils. The manufacturer supplies the device with a heat-resistant glove and a filter bag for safe and easy extract production. The appliance controls the temperature and time intervals to ensure that the final product is of high quality. You can buy the Magical Butter machine at the price of $174.95 on its official website.

Source Turbo

The Source Turbo is one more appliance for making herbal extractions at home. This device will help you create cannabis extracts preserving the essential elements of the herb. Unlike other tools, this improved device is easy to control with your phone via Bluetooth. It takes less than three hours to turn your marijuana flowers into concentrates. The Source Turbo comes in discreet packaging and with a specially designed ice tray for cooling the lid. The device has a closed-loop system for safe and clean production of cannabis concentrates. The grinder can be purchased on this website at the price of $599.

Levo Oil Infuser

This innovative device will let you make cannabis oil or cannabutter in a few easy steps. Just place weed and unsalted butter or coconut oil into the reservoirs and make the necessary settings. Thanks to innovative technology, the appliance preserves all the useful compounds of marijuana flowers. You can control the time and temperature with a touch of a button. Moreover, you can also determine the potency of your home infusions by using a special addition—tCheck. All parts of the Infuser are washable and user-friendly. The device is expected to be on sale in June. The established price for Levo Oil Infuser is $199.99.

CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer
CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer
​CannaKorp has claimed to be ready to start the production of the world's first pod-based cannabis vaporizer in the near future. James Winokur, co-founder and CEO of CannaKorp, has recently told CNBC that the company has raised enough funds to start the manufacturing of the CannaCloud, known as “the Keurig of marijuana.”

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