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May 3, 2017 12:05 PM

5 Cannabis Dispensaries You Want to Visit Again and Again

Dispensaries are sacred places for all cannabis enthusiasts. When you come to a marijuana store, you want to be enveloped in a delightful atmosphere with your favorite weed and pleasant people around. With that said, there are some stores in our country that never cease to amaze customers with their uniqueness.

Credit: Apothekare Facebook community

6 Best Dispensaries in Denver
6 Best Dispensaries in Denver
Denver is a perfect place for those who want to take a closer look at the ongoing marijuana legalization campaign and its consequences.

Om of Medicine

Ann Arbor's dispensary is an exceptional place with a colorful and stylish décor. Here, all patients feel comfortable and welcomed. There is a lounge room with beautiful paintings on the walls, magazines, a TV, and even a guitar. The dispensary is very modern yet cozy. The brick walls are left as they are, which adds a little roughness to the look. However, the most impressive part is the main office, which is the epitome of the modern marijuana world. Business-like atmosphere? Done. A bright place with lots of sun? Done. Moreover, the signature feature of the place are the grass carpets that cover parts of the floor and walls. Everything about this shop is so clean and fresh that the old stereotype of an underground “rookery” with illegal weed stands no chance.


Apothekare is located in San Diego. Everything about this dispensary looks sleek and expensive. The budroom is the jewelry store of the cannabis world. Wood panels are everywhere. Nice glass shelves and boxes are filled with top-notch flowers and edibles. The whole room looks like a modern wine cellar with wood and barrels. The store even sells pet's medicine. Apothekare constantly offers competitive daily specials and Sunday deals to attract customers and make the whole experience even more pleasant.


Do you fancy firemen or want to become one? If you are interested in fire stations at all, this is the right place for you. This dispensary is unique and has a signature look that no other shops can possess. Located in the former Firestation 23, this store is full of firemen hats, alarm bells, and even an original station pole. The traditional red-and-black color scheme and the old-school firemen paraphernalia recreate the atmosphere of the building's past. It is bliss not only for cannabis enthusiasts but for firemen as well. Besides, you may want to visit this place for their deals—you get a free cannabis T-shirt when you buy more than 14 grams of marijuana.

Discovery Bay Cannabis

At first, Discovery Bay Cannabis looks nothing like a modern dispensary should. Colorful train cars converted into a weed shop are not exactly what you would expect. However, it surprisingly works! Though it may seem overly cheery and have a small-town vibe to it, it instantly makes you feel at home. This dispensary is bound to make you feel cozy and relaxed. On the outside, it looks like it has come from a theme park for children, but the interior is rather sophisticated. There is nothing flashy and glamorous about this place; it is meant to concentrate on the customers' needs and their comfort.

New England Treatment Access

Unlike the previous dispensary, this one does not look homey at all. At least, if you are not used to living in a municipal building. Located in an old Brookline Bank, the place can trick anybody who does not know what exactly lies inside. NETA took residence in the building only a year ago, but it is already considered to be one of the finest dispensaries in the U.S. Inside, the shop looks likes a palace where kings and presidents would chill out after a long day. Spacey room, a tall domed ceiling, stone floors, wide windows, and even a mantel-like decoration—all these details make your visit unforgettable.

How to Open Weed Dispensary
How to Open Weed Dispensary
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