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Oct 27, 2016 12:20 PM

5 Creepy Weed Strains for Halloween Party

The most anticipated autumn holiday is right around the corner again. And if you are going to visit a Halloween party with your weed friends, here are five weed strains that will create the right mood in addition to your hilarious costume and scary make-up.

Weed Strains for Halloween Party

Jack the Ripper

The Jack the Ripper strain sounds really creepy, but this sativa hybrid will actually make you euphoric and happy. The strain has a pleasant citrus scent and is effective in treating sadness and depression. No, you will not turn bloody-minded like Jack the Ripper, but you will become sociable and positive enough to have fun at the Halloween party.

Marijuana Strains That Make You Active and Energetic
Marijuana Strains That Make You Active and Energetic
Different people expect different effects from their pot. There are those cannabis enthusiasts who like lying on the couch and watching TV the whole day. Others are seeking an active high that will make anybody an eager beaver.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a powerful sativa strain that can make the evil spirits of the Halloween night more realistic for you. Its unique smell of pine and citrus, as well as its powerful cerebral high, will definitely impress you. Durban Poison will increase your sociability and creativity and put you in the right mood for celebrating All Hallows' Eve. So, if you are not afraid of the strain's name, you can try to smoke it before the party.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is the right choice for telling ghost stories! This intense sativa hybrid contains up to 27% of THC, so be careful as it might make you really high. The strain will chase away your dark mood but might cause anxiety or paranoia in case of overdose. The high is really chilling and will make you giggly, creative, and uplifted. After smoking a pipe of GTH, you will be ready to generate ghost stories and frighten the hell out of your listeners.

Laugh Your Head Off With These Cannabis Strains
Laugh Your Head Off With These Cannabis Strains
When we consume marijuana, we usually want to spend a great time with our friends or simply forget about our problems. There are many cannabis strains that can cause happy giggles and make you a social butterfly. You probably already have some "laughing favorites."

Little Devil

Little Devil is the only indica hybrid in this list, but its potency is amazing. Thanks to the high THC level that can reach up to 60%, the effects of Little Devil last for several hours. Though the indica effect is dominant, the strain will not make you sleepy immediately. This weed is better suited for social occasions and may turn you into a little devil for a short period.

Black Widow

Be careful with Black Widow, as this strain can cut the ground from under your feet. Having a high level of THC, this balanced hybrid will firstly boost your energy and heighten emotions but then leave you relaxed and couch-locked. Black Widow will help you unwind and forget about stress, depression, and chronic pain. The strain is not recommended for newbies, as they may experience panic attacks or immense appetite.

Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
There are some marijuana effects that are rarely mentioned. One of them is the arousing property of weed. In case you did not know this fact, smoking cannabis can make your intimate life better and more diverse.