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Apr 7, 2016 5:55 PM

5 Great Ideas for Cannabis-Friendly Date

Traditional things to do on a date may become a little boring for couples in long-term relationships. They have already gone through the most common dates including watching movies, dining at their favorite places, visiting concerts and sporting events, and even binge-watching shows on Netflix. Nevertheless, there is much left to explore for couples if they challenge the common stereotypes and combine dates with their cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

5 Great Ideas for Cannabis-Friendly Date

Here are some great ideas for marijuana-themed dates you can try with your partner. Have a good time together, but keep your safety in mind first!

Marijuana Cooking Class

Visiting marijuana edibles cooking classes is a great way to improve your kitchen skills and make your diet more cannabis-friendly. Besides, your date will incorporate multiple senses and make you closer to your partner. Imagine how you will help each other with the ingredients, wait while the edibles are cooking, smell their delicious aroma, and then let each other taste the results of your cooperative efforts. Afterwards, you can practice all this in your own kitchen by playing the roles of the chef and the cleanup person.

Planetarium Show

Even if you have already visited your local planetarium show, cannabis consumption will ensure a new bright experience. Try one of the popular sativa strains before staring up at the ceiling full of moving stars and planets. Sativa will boost your creativity and provide you with a head high for contemplating the cosmos like no one previously did. In addition, it may be interesting to share your profound observations with your partner after the show ends.

Cannabis Massage

Refresh the idea of a traditional couple's massage by using medical marijuana topicals for better relaxation. Find a massage studio near your location that offers their clients solo and couple's packages with cannabis lotions. Customers can usually choose between the unmedicated and medicated lotions infused with CBD or THC according to their preferences. With the help of the cream containing cannabis ingredients, you will be able to get rid of chronic pain or inflammation symptoms. Though cannabis active components will not enter your bloodstream, they will perfectly affect your skin, muscles, and joints providing you with cooling and soothing sensations.

Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Session

Although it is almost impossible to overestimate the benefits of yoga, cannabis will make this experience even better. Smoking marijuana before getting bendy will erase your daily worries and free your body from excessive muscle tension. Moreover, sharing this experience will allow you to help your partner overcome negative emotions in the future. Just suggest your partner to sit down and take a few belly breaths together like you were taught during the yoga class. Living in a large city, you can use the Meetup app on your mobile device to meet 420 friends at a cannabis-friendly yoga studio.

Fly a Kite

If you are in the mood for arranging an outdoor date, there are also many ways to have a good time. One of them is to find an open space near you and fly a kite. You can also change your location and drive out to nature far from the crowded city. Take a kite with you and have a blast together after consuming medical cannabis. Compete with your partner to see who keeps their kite in the air longer or can do tricks better. Creating a playful atmosphere can be a good method to reduce stress and refresh your relationship. As studies show, playful people are less likely to experience negative emotions and more likely to activate stress-coping strategies.

Do you have any other ideas for a cannabis-friendly date? Share your ways of cannabis pastime with us in the comments below.