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Dec 12, 2016 12:20 PM

5 Marijuana Education Programs: Start Your Cannabusiness Professionally

Creating a business or building a career in the cannabis industry may be a highly profitable project, but a lot of misinformation still restrains people from considering these opportunities. However, if you are not afraid to break the mold, here is a list of five marijuana education programs available in the U.S. that will help your dreams come true.

5 Marijuana Education Programs: Start Your Cannabusiness Professionally

Cannabis Training University Programs

Studying at the Cannabis Training University is extremely affordable and convenient. The center offers online programs on marijuana cooking, cultivation, budtending, as well as cannabis legislation and opening a dispensary or a delivery service. All registered students obtain full-year access to course materials. Students can choose any convenient time for studying and perform assignments at their own pace, which is important for people with full employment. Price-conscious people will also be surprised with the relatively low cost of the CTU courses: $347 per year. In addition, the students have great opportunities to start their career in the cannabis industry, as CTU provides them with a list of job offers.

5 Best Cannabis Jobs
5 Best Cannabis Jobs
The cannabis industry is growing rapidly offering a wide variety of new jobs. That is why more and more people are deciding to build their careers in the sphere of marijuana.

Trichome Institute Interpreting Training

Unlike other cannabis education centers, the Trichome Institute offers Interpreting Training, which helps future budtenders identify a weed strain by interpreting the flower's structure and its terpene profile. This course aims to prepare high-qualified professionals, like wine sommeliers but for the cannabis industry. The students have an opportunity to develop their skills at the Colorado Free University. In addition to this course, the center also provides Products and Sales training for budtenders, Responsible Vendor program, and Manufacture & Application Safety course. The courses are available in Denver, Colorado, or online at the Institute's website for $125–249 per class.

Wanted: Sommeliers for Recreational and Medical Marijuana Strains
Wanted: Sommeliers for Recreational and Medical Marijuana Strains
The weed industry is expanding by the day, offering lots and lots of cannabis products and various recreational and medical weed strains. Fortunately, cannabis use is gradually losing its prohibited status, which gives the green light to small and big businesses to develop and grow.

Indoor & Outdoor Horticulture Programs

Oaksterdam University located in Oakland, California, was the first marijuana-focused education center opened in America. Founded in 2007 by Richard Lee, this institution offers the most extensive horticulture programs in the cannabis industry. A professional staff of industry leaders will provide you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in indoor and outdoor marijuana cultivation. The program curriculum also includes classes with cannabis lawyers, who not only teach you about the industry regulations but also help write the law. If you want to enroll in the program, you will have to pay a $100 application fee and $1,295 for a 14-week course or $545–845 for a 2-day seminar.

THC University Online Classes

Online classes from THC University are a great opportunity to join the cannabis industry for busy people. This center offers around-the-clock support services for seven cannabis-focused programs: Safety and Regulations (Washington), Horticulture Specialist, Cannabis Business, Safety and Regulations (Colorado), Budtender Certification, and Cannabis Products Course. These courses are for you if you are self-motivated and ready to complete 90% of all assignments. Within 3-6 months, you can become a cannabis specialist, and it will cost you only $449 per course or $49 per month.

Cannabis Events to Attend in December
Cannabis Events to Attend in December
Great news for marijuana fans, activists, and supporters: in December, there will be at least two more cannabis-focused events worth your attention. Weedy will tell you a bit about each of those events so it would be easier for you to decide whether to attend one of them or not.

Cannabis Career Institute Business Courses

CCI specializes in educational courses on marijuana growing, edibles, budtending, and dispensary management. Created by Robert Calkin, an instructor at Oaksterdam University, this center provides professional support and guidance to the new players of the medical cannabis market. All programs aim to help weed businessmen comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Though the center does not have a permanent campus, CCI provides daily classes in states with the most active cannabis movement, including Texas, Florida, and California. The CCI classes are held at an affordable price starting from $349 for the semester. The completion of the course is confirmed by a certificate. If you have no opportunity to visit the classes personally, you can buy any of the CCI video courses online.