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Jun 20, 2017 12:05 PM

5 Most Essential Products for Medical Marijuana Patients

With the legalization of medical marijuana in many American states, more patients can now significantly improve their health. If you have already become a medical marijuana patient, then you should be aware of the following five products that can provide you with the most beneficial effects.

1. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils are the most popular marijuana derivatives among patients. MMJ doctors recommend this product because of its powerful effects. When you visit your local dispensary, a budtender will probably offer you full extract cannabis oils. These products are made from raw weed plants and contain all the useful elements that are available in pot leaves and flowers.

Cannabis oils are full of cannabinoids, beneficial chemical compounds of marijuana, as well as terpenoids, the aroma molecules of cannabis. The combination of these elements ensures strong medicinal effects. Thus, cannabis oils are considered effective painkillers, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents.

5 Ways Cannabis Oil Can Help You
5 Ways Cannabis Oil Can Help You
​With the rising popularity of medical marijuana, there is now an increasing demand for cannabis derivatives, like oils and edibles.

2. Raw Marijuana

You can use fresh marijuana leaves and flowers for cooking raw dishes and beverages. Raw weed plants contain all the necessary compounds, but the cannabinoids in it are in their acid form.

For instance, the acid form of THC does not make you high, but it is also full of healthy properties. Thus, THCA is considered effective in reducing inflammation, but it does it in a way different than THC. To get the best benefits, many marijuana consumers combine full extracted cannabis oils with drinks made using fresh weed plants.

3. Weed Topicals

Conservative medical marijuana consumers still tend to avoid using cannabis topicals as they do not believe in their effectiveness. However, marijuana derivatives for external use are very beneficial in personal care.

You can discover an array of cannabis topicals in the form of lotions, balms, creams, etc. Topicals help medical marijuana patients take care of their skin, reduce inflammation, relieve pain in muscles and joints. Moreover, unlike other weed products, cannabis topicals do not provide any psychoactive effects.

4. Transdermal Patches

A transdermal patch is a variety of cannabis topicals, only this product can actually make you high. The patches penetrate your skin and deliver weed compounds straight to your bloodstream.

This way of consuming marijuana is considered to be effective in treating acute pain in people with diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia.

7 Alternative Ways to Benefit From Marijuana
7 Alternative Ways to Benefit From Marijuana
Nowadays, the cannabis market can meet any consumer's need thanks to an increasing variety of ways to consume weed.

5. CBD Hemp Oil

If you are looking for marijuana oils without any psychedelic effects, then CBD hemp oils are exactly what you need. This type of weed oil is made from industrial hemp plants that are almost free of THC but include a large amount of cannabidiol, or CBD.

CBD is proven to have many therapeutic benefits. It helps children take control over epileptic seizures, improves the anti-inflammation capacities of your body, and calms your nerves.

Today, you can purchase this type of marijuana products either at your local dispensary or on the Internet. When choosing the desired product, pay your attention to CBD hemp oils that are made from organic hemp, extracted from full plants, and laboratory-tested.

Cannabis Oil Uses: How Can You Benefit From Using CBD Oil?
Cannabis Oil Uses: How Can You Benefit From Using CBD Oil?
Cannabis oil is one of the most controversial products available on the market. On one side, it is made of the plant that remains illegal on the federal level and therefore is not as thoroughly studied as it should be.