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Apr 25, 2016 8:05 AM

5 National Brands Creating Innovative Cannabis Products

Medical marijuana is a great raw material for countless cannabis products, starting from hemp shoes to cannabis concentrates and edibles. A lot of innovative cannabis-based products were introduced during the last several years. In this article, we review the top-5 national brands that contribute to the development of weed industry.

5 National Brands Creating Innovative Cannabis Products

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles appeared on the weed market of Colorado in 2010. The company's main goal is to build the future of cannabis, and they are successfully working toward it with an array of innovative cannabis products. Today, Dixie's product range includes THC-infused chocolate edibles, drinks, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and vapes. Dixie also tries to be more available to their consumers; since March, the company's products can be bought in Arizona.

The company's specialists put their innovative ideas into practice, and their latest achievements have to do with CBD-only products. Dixie has developed a CBD product line called Therabis to treat anxiety, immobility, or joint inflexibility in pets. Aceso is another CBD line from Dixie aimed to help humans looking to enhance everyday wellness and emotional well-being.


Founded in Colorado in 2013, Bhang supplies medical marijuana patients with high-quality weed edibles and vape pens. This company has taken pot-infused chocolate to the international level of quality and became the Cannabis Cup Winner five times. Their cannabis chocolate contains a consistent dose of cannabinoids and tastes delicious when paired with unique flavors, like Pretzel bar. Last year, the company expanded its product range and began to produce oral sprays, chewing gums, as well as disposable vape pens and oil-filled cartridges for vapes.

Vape pens are a strong point of Bhang, as the brand offers both “Pure” and “Natural” cartridges. Unlike other market players, the company does not add harmful fillers to their cartridges. Instead, they use natural coconut oil that makes Bhang's cartridges pure and non-addictive.

Mary's Medicinals

This brand is one of the fastest-growing on the American cannabis market. Based in Colorado since 2013, the company has rapidly gained a foothold in the weed markets of Oregon, Washington, and California. Mary's Medicinals is also going to appear in Maine, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Vermont in the near future.

Mary's Medicinals is very proud of their ability to extract the right cannabinoids from marijuana's plants and preserve the weed properties in the form of capsules, transdermal patches, topicals, and gel pens. The company's products are very helpful to weed patients suffering from insomnia, pain, and inflammation. The consumers can choose from a plethora of CBN, THC and CBD-infused products that ensure fast and deep relief from the mentioned symptoms. In addition to the already impressive range of products, the company also manufactures medicine for pets.


EdiPure opened in Denver in 2009 and became famous as a producer of THC-based sweets. Most of their edibles are inspired by classic confections everyone loves, like sour apple belts, peach banana rings, cherry bombs, and gummy bears.

EdiPure was one of the first cannabis companies that sold its products in Washington and California. At first, the manufacturer received some negative feedback from consumers over the company's sweets on accord of them being very similar to ordinary candies for children. However, the community recognized EdiPure sweets as an effective cannabis medication, and the company reacted to criticism by making a new product line, Edipure Organix, with sweets packages into a child-proof container.


GFarmaLabs is one of the few cannabis companies that operate in all medical cannabis states. This company managed to establish strong working relationships with licensing partners across the United States that allows the producer to deliver its products to the maximum number of patients. GfarmaLabs manufactures a great variety of branded products, including cartridges for vape pens, pre-rolled joints, and oil injectors.

The company also owns a brand called Liquid Gold that provides cannabis patients with high-quality cannabis edibles, such as well-known chocolate bars and candies with a great variety of flavors, and less common peanut brittles, chocolate hearts, and pretzels.

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