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Mar 18, 2016 6:01 PM

5 Strongest Marijuana Strains You Can Find at Cannabis Dispensaries

If you want to understand how strong a particular cannabis strain is, look at its THC content that defines the potency level. There is usually 10-20% of THC in a strain, and anything above that is considered pretty strong. THC teases the receptors in the brain that are responsible for pleasure, time perception, and dopamine release. Thus, the higher dose of THC you consume, the stronger result it will bring to your body and mind.

Strongest Marijuana Strains You Can Find at Cannabis Dispensaries

Ice Marijuana

The term “ice" has a negative popularity with weed users today because many people associate it with methamphetamine that makes many consumers crazy. However, this strain has had a good history of performing since the 90's and remains a great pain killer for seasoned cannabis patients. Ice marijuana is also a hybrid strain that includes the features of several strong strains like Shiva, Northern Light, Skunk, and Afghan. This strain has such a name because its plants are densely covered with something that looks like little icicles right before harvesting time. Though Ice marijuana contains less than 20% of THC, it can blow your mind completely when you consume it.

White Russian Marijuana

White Russian is grown as a cross-strain of AK-47 and White Widow. The latter was well-known among cannabis users in the early 2000's and is still considered one of the strongest strains on the weed market. However, White Russian is a far stronger strain and contains up to 24% of THC. When I asked for this strain at weed dispensaries near me, the budtenders warned me of its potency and great uplifting effect. This indica-dominant hybrid will make your body energetic rather than sleepy and your mind euphoric and creative.

OG Head Cheese

OG Head Cheese is a strong sativa-dominant hybrid that is created as a result of successful combination of the Headband strain and the Cheese strain. This cannabis strain contains up to 25% of THC and has an odd flavor of a good Swiss cheese. After consuming this marijuana strain, you will feel its effects very soon. The weed provides you with a remarkable head high and relaxes your muscles. Moreover, this strain will give you a long-lasting relief from chronic pain, migraines, any types of inflammation, sleep, and appetite loss.

Pitbull Marijuana

This strain has an exceptional potency, as it contains 36% of THC, which is quite dangerous for cannabis patients with a low tolerance. Pitbull strain was first grown by Stoney Girl Gardens in 2003. It is a blend of two strains—Sugar Plum and P91. Pitbull has a sweet fruity flavor with earthy notes. It easily grows in rainy climates. The plants can grow up to 16 feet, and its flowers have many crystals that indicate the weed potency. This indica-dominant strain will relax your body and relieve any symptoms of pain.

Australian Marijuana

Australian marijuana is the strongest weed recommended by medical marijuana doctors near me.

I was very impressed when I found out that Australian marijuana has 40% of THC. This potency is twice higher than that of any other cannabis you can find anywhere in the U.S. Australian pot growers can reach such level of potency in their cannabis plants due to the Australian climate. Though many researchers are still arguing about the reasons for such abnormal potency, there is no doubt that Australian marijuana is the strongest weed in the world.

Unfortunately, this article cannot cover all strong strains available at dispensaries today, but you can add another super-potent marijuana you know in the comments below.