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Feb 2, 2017 12:05 PM

5 Tips on Saving Money When Buying Weed

Marijuana users can be easily distracted by the great variety of weed strains and products available at their local dispensaries. If you purchase everything your budtender offers, you will spend more money than you initially intended. Of course, as a buyer, you want to get the best marijuana products at the best price, so the following tips will help you save money when purchasing weed.

1. Make a Stash During Holidays

Holidays are a great time for various discounts and special offers. Many retailers make special sales during Halloween or the Fourth of July, and dispensaries are not the exception.

Moreover, the marijuana community has their own holidays on April, 20 and July, 10. Many dispensaries offer huge discounts and free weed during these days. Take advantage of these opportunities and make a stash while the prices are low.

What You Should Know Before Buying Edibles
What You Should Know Before Buying Edibles
If you are lucky enough to live in a state where selling and buying marijuana is already legalized, you may face a great variety of edibles that may all look quite tempting to try. But like any kind of products, marijuana edibles are not all identical.

2. Use Special Deals and Coupons

You should understand that dispensaries compete for their customers, and you can benefit from this competition. Many dispensaries offer special discounts or even free weed for visiting them. Other retailers provide coupons to liquidate their stock and make room for new products.

You can find all special deals in a single page on our website. Just visit the Deals section and find the best offers from dispensaries across the country. It is very convenient, as you can always stay up-to-date and save your money.

3. Make Friends With Budtenders

Budtenders know almost everything about marijuana products they sell and can tell you about THC levels, weed quality, and the effects you should expect. Moreover, they can advise customers what products have the best quality at affordable prices. Thus, your friendship with local budtenders can save you a great deal of money.

One of the best ways to get in good with dispensary workers is to leave them tips. It is like giving tips to a server in a restaurant. When they notice your generosity, they become more inclined to help you.

How to Choose Weed When Your Budtender Is No Help
How to Choose Weed When Your Budtender Is No Help
When you visit a local dispensary, especially for the first time, you most likely expect to get professional advice from a budtender. However, the results of a survey conducted in 55 dispensaries show that more than 50% of dispensary agents did not get any formal training before starting their work. So, what will you do when you meet an inexperienced budtender in a pot shop?

4. Benefit From State Discounts

Members of the armed forces or senior citizens can get special discounts from dispensaries according to state programs.

Just tell the dispensary officer that you have special circumstances that allow you to get extra discounts.

5. Buy Marijuana Online

Online purchasing is a convenient way of getting what you need. You can buy your favorite weed products even if there are not available in your area, and one of the delivery services will bring your order to your home.

If you live in California, Weedy can deal with your purchase, and all it will take you is just a few clicks. Discover all of the benefits of our website by clicking the Buy Now button. You will get access to a dispensary's menu with actual prices. After placing an order with us, you can track the delivery on the website and receive text messages to stay updated.

​Weedy Offers Cannabis Delivery Services to Californians
​Weedy Offers Cannabis Delivery Services to Californians
Marijuana delivery is one of the most challenging issues for the states with legal weed. But for most Californians, cannabis delivery is not a problem anymore. Weedy.com is pleased to announce that from now on, our customers in certain areas of California can not only buy weed online from their favorite dispensaries and head shops but also have their orders delivered straight to their doors.