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May 31, 2016 5:45 PM

5 Types of Marijuana Concentrates You Should Try

Though many cannabis products are successfully welcomed by weed patients, marijuana concentrates remain the most mysterious derivatives of this natural remedy. These cannabis products are purified and refined substances of marijuana that have a much higher concentration of THC than other weed products. You may be surprised with the variety of cannabis concentrates and the many different ways in which you can use them with great benefit to your health.


Shatter, also known as sexy oil or amber glass, is made by extracting butane hash oil. This concentrate is received through the purging of butane and marijuana solution with the use of a vacuum. Thanks to this extraction, shatter contains no signs of waxes, fats, or lipids. Moreover, this extract can contain up to 80% of THC. Though it is a pure and highly potent concentrate, shatter loses both the flavors and the terpenes in the extraction process. Besides dabbing, shatter is widely added to edibles, joints, and bowls. Try to prepare your own shatter at home by following our guide on how to make a shatter BHO.


Budder is also a product of butane hash oil extraction, but it is less purified than shatter. This weed concentrate has a yellow hue and a crumbly texture and usually contains only 70% of THC. For creating budder, cannabis producers usually introduce impurities and involve more moisture than for extracting shatter. The latter can also degrade into budder over time by absorbing additional moisture from the air. Though budder is less visually appealing than other cannabis concentrates, it can be used for vaping, dabbing, smoking, or adding to edibles.


Keef, or kief, as many weed consumers call this concentrate, is a powdery substance that contains trichomes from the dried cannabis plants. Sometimes, keef can be more or less gummy and sticky depending on the particular strain. This type of weed extracts is considered low-quality, but some cannabis producers can offer you extremely flavorful and clean keef. The level of THC in this concentrate can range from 20% to 50%. For using keef in edibles, you need to heat it beforehand in order to activate the THC acid. You should also remember that keef burns faster than flowers, so try to consume it through a vaporizer or to combine with flowers in a blunt or a joint.


Hash, also known as hashish, is another product of collecting the resinous trichomes, but unlike keef, this concentrate is heated and pressed. You can find hash in any form from powder to putty colored in dark green or brown. Smokers use both forms of this concentrate, but the powdery form of hash is more suitable for cooking. The potency of this extract can vary from almost no THC to 65% of THC.

Hash Oil

Dabbing is the most common way of using hash oil, which is also called honey or dabs. Cannabis users do not usually consume this concentrate in other ways because the end product can greatly vary in quality depending on many factors during production. While cooking is also not the best option of using hash oil, dabbing is extremely popular among weed connoisseurs. Before using hash oil, please make sure that it is of good quality; otherwise, there is a risk to consume butane residue that may be harmful to your health. Hash oil can contain from 30% to 90% of THC depending on the manufacturing conditions.