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Mar 17, 2016 4:06 PM

6 Best Dispensaries in Denver

Denver is a perfect place for those who want to take a closer look at the ongoing marijuana legalization campaign and its consequences. Whether you live in Denver or just plan to visit it, if you are a weed user, you need to know which Denver dispensary is most worth your attention and where you can find the finest cannabis in the city. Here is the list of the six best marijuana dispensaries in Denver so far.

LoDo Wellness Center

Address: 1617 Wazee St., Suite B

Denver, CO 80202

Phone number: (303) 534-5020

Website: www.lodowellnesscenter.com

The LoDo Wellness Center was one of the first dispensaries in the city that started selling recreational weed alongside with its medical analogs. In addition to the impressive list of marijuana strains, edibles, and other marijuana-related products, this place will also put you wise to the local marijuana policy, so you will avoid having troubles with the law while you are in Denver.

Among other benefits LoDo Wellness Center can offer you, we want to mention special offers the dispensary has for students and veterans. And if you do not have enough time to visit the place, the LoDo Wellness Center gives you an option to buy weed online!

The Giving Tree of Denver

Address: 2707 W. 38th Ave.

Denver, CO 80211

Phone number: (303) 477-8888

Website: www.tgtree.com

The Giving Tree of Denver is a must-visit place for those who usually choose weed edibles over a joint of marijuana. This dispensary offers the largest selection of cannabis edibles and marijuana-infused products.

The dispensary has a quite beneficial membership program for its regular customers. Students, veterans, and the patients with cancer and/or HIV/AIDS may also use some special offers when buying medical marijuana goods.

DANK Dispensary

Address: 3835 Elm St.

Denver, CO 80207

Phone number: (303) 394-3265

Website: www.dank-colorado.com

DANK is one of the finest and most popular marijuana dispensaries in Denver. It gives you two valuable things: guaranteed high quality of all the products and exhaustive information about weed. This place will be comfortable for both experienced marijuana users and newbies who just started to discover the world of cannabis.

The dispensary offers both medical and recreational cannabis strains and products, giving you the most comprehensive description possible of each strain: from the place where the plant was grown to the effects it is expected to give you.

Green Man Cannabis

Address: 7289 E. Hampden Ave.

Denver, CO 80224

Phone number: (720) 382-5950

Website: www.greenmancannabis.com

Green Man Cannabis may be proud not only of its award-winning strains “Ghost Train Haze" and “Louie OG." Along with an impressive number of the high-quality cannabis strains, the dispensary offers a large selection of weed edibles and concentrates. Those who want to know more about the ongoing marijuana legalization process or the newest discoveries about the effects of medical cannabis may get some precious information while shopping at this dispensary.

Starbuds Medical

Address: 4690 Brighton Blvd.

Denver, CO 80216

Phone number: (720) 387-8952

Website: www.starbuds303.com

Starbuds Medical is a network that unites six marijuana dispensaries located either in Denver or in the area nearby. Starbuds offers a number of the award-winning sativa strains along with the high-quality marijuana concentrates, edibles, and accessories.

Alongside the regular dispensaries, Starbuds Medical has an online store where you can buy some stylish clothes and accessories with Starbuds' logo.

Denver Recreational

Address: 2117 Larimer St

Denver, CO 80205

Phone number: (303) 296-2093

Website: www.den-rec.com

Denver Recreational offers probably the most pleasant experience for the recreational marijuana users. It has an extremely large selection of the high-quality cannabis strains, as well as marijuana-infused edibles. But the best thing about Denver Recreational is its unique offers you may use 5 times a week. On Mondays, they offer you to buy any of the pre-rolls available and get one more for free.

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