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Aug 18, 2017 12:05 PM

6 Effects to Expect When You Try Weed for the First Time

In the course of our lives, we are constantly trying something new. Most of us clearly remember the most significant “firsts” for many years. Consuming marijuana for the first time is a big deal—it can determine whether you like the herb or not.

Many people are worried about this experience due to the outrageous stereotypes that are passed by word of mouth. The initial anxiety is a completely normal thing. You can reduce it by learning what you should expect and what will happen to you. Besides, weed comes in different forms, and all of them have their own properties.

Of course, all of us react to marijuana differently, and there is no standard rule of how the plant will affect you. However, there is a set of effects that happen most often and are considered completely normal.

If you want to start by smoking a joint, choose a lightweight strain that will provide a smooth smoke. In other cases, coughing is inevitable. Be careful with edibles and remember that they start acting in about half an hour after consumption.

To make your first experience unforgettable in a positive way, you should be prepared and not be afraid to feel the following symptoms.

Fuzzy Head

Many marijuana strains provide you with a cerebral high that makes your head feel kind of fuzzy. This state may be compared to the times when you are tipsy. This brain high varies; it can be as mild as a slight buzz that you pay no attention to or so intense that you cannot deal with simple tasks. This effect depends on the amount of weed you have consumed and the potency of the strain.

Heavy Body

While some strains affect your brain, others focus on your body. Users often claim that their limbs feel weightless or heavier than ever. It all largely depends on your body and somewhat on the herb you use. This effect is also great for people who suffer from chronic pain as the body buzz numbs it. If you feel that it is too much for you, you can simply sleep the feeling off. Besides, weed makes you sleep like a baby.


One of the most widespread friends of the high is hunger. You feel the munchies every time you get stoned—no matter what strain of cannabis you use. It is not one of those marijuana myths that have nothing to do with truth. Your first experience will probably be accompanied by extreme hunger. Stock your kitchen with snacks or make some healthy food beforehand.


When you try to imagine a stoner, you picture a happy, giggling fellow. Of course, not all of us are the giggling kind of weed enthusiasts. However, every stoner has experienced the feeling when the high makes funny things seem hilarious. It sure is a lot of fun, especially when you are in a company of equally stoned friends. It may look a little weird if you are sitting alone on your couch and laughing your head off in complete silence. In any case, we do not recommend you to consume weed for the first time by yourself—it is always better with friends, especially when you do not know what to expect.

Dry Mouth and Eyes

Cotton mouth is a usual companion of the high state. Though this side effect is not dangerous, it is very annoying. Add dry red eyes to the mix, and you get quite an unpleasant experience. To reduce this inconvenience, drink plenty of water and use eye drops. Besides, nothing reveals you as a stoner as obviously as red eyes (except for the odor of weed).


When reading the description of many strains, you often see the word “euphoria.” But does weed actually make you euphoric? In fact, it is the main attraction of marijuana that makes people resort to it again and again. Imagine the feeling of complete happiness accompanied by the thought that you can do anything. That is what euphoria feels like for some people. Everybody has their own image of it, but the bottom line is, you feel blissfully content. This property of weed helps stoners overcome their shyness, battle social anxiety, and get rid of depression.

Of course, the effects you might feel the first time you try weed are not limited to this list. However, we hope that it helps you calm your nerves before your first encounter.