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May 20, 2016 5:50 PM

6 Great Cannabis Gummies That Bring You Back to Childhood

Why are cannabis-infused sweets so popular among adult consumers? It is obvious, because they remind us of our childhood treats, especially if they are funny gummies that come in a lot of flavors and shapes that are available in the weed market today.

Cannabis Infused Gummies

Another attractive feature of these sweets is that gummies have an incremental effect, so you can eat small treats throughout the day and keep your health condition under control. If you stick to your THC dosage limitations, cannabis gummies will satisfy you without any downsides.

There is a list of six tasty marijuana gummies that will provide you with a sustained dose of THC and refresh your sweet childhood memories.

Fruity Gummies by Robhots Edibles

These funny sweet edibles are available in two different doses—100 mg single-serve gummies and a gummy multi-pack for newbies that contains 15 gummies full of 10 mg of THC each. The flavors of Robhots are amazing and include such unique tastes as strawberry banana, lemon berry, peach mango, strawberry watermelon, and many others.

Space Gem Candies

Created by a local Humboldt businesswoman named Wendy, Space Gem Candy has already become popular among marijuana consumers. These medicinal cannabis products are made with organic ingredients including fresh fruit juice. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC and is coated in organic sugar. Space Gems are best suited for those who are looking for high-quality options with sweet and sour tastes.

Giant Gummy Bears by Sweet Stone Candy

Delicious sweets created by Sweet Stone Candy have won the Cannabis Cup title, and its childish series of giant gummy bears will not leave any cannabis lover indifferent! These edibles are featured with natural flavors including apple, peach, and red raspberry. Each gummy bear will provide you with 100 mg of THC and tease your taste buds with a pleasant texture and great cotton candy flavor.

Creative Gummies by Lil' Bitty Hash Maker

Lil' Bitty Hash Maker specializes in fun-shaped weed gummy candies infused with unique flavors. Visiting their Instagram profile, you can find highly potent treats that contain up to 75mg of THC. There are many medicated candies with creative flavors, such as tutti-grapefruit, strawberry banana, cherry limeade, purple passion, and banana cream pie.

Cannabis Gummies by True Bionic Treats

True Bionic Treats is another creative producer of cannabis gummies. Their medicated treats are made with fully decarboxylated shatter and are carefully tested for cannabinoid content that should not be less that 115 mg of THC per pack. With their creative shapes, these gummies will bring fun to cannabis users who like heroes and attributes from the 90s cartoons, including animals, aliens, spaceships, and ray-guns.

Fruity Gummies by Sour Bhotz

These sweet medications are the favorite gummies of cannabis patients in Oregon. For creating these treats, Sour Bhotz uses only organic ingredients, such as cane sugar, fruit juice, premium gelatin, and licensed clear cannabis concentrate. Packed in small batches, these gummies are available in many flavors, including watermelon, grape, pineapple, orange, mango, and fruit punch. These high-dose treats contain 75 mg of THC with more or less 10% per Bhot.