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Aug 31, 2016 9:40 AM

6 Home Tools That You Can Easily Turn Into Cannabis Appliances

If you want to be a real stoner, then you should know how to create a great cannabis tool out of almost any household item. Though it may seem that a bong and a lighter are the only things you need to smoke weed, the following tools will make your toking experience more pleasurable if you have them at hand.

Weed Pipe

Pipe Cleaners

You probably used those colorful tools during your craft activities when you were a child. But do we really need them for smoking weed? Yes, these things will be a great cleaning tool for your bongs or water pipes. They are commonly used for cleaning tobacco pipes, but in a stoner's case, they will help you push out a stuck piece of resin from your smoking paraphernalia.

Heat Guns

Although electric heat guns are not meant for general household use, they can also be applied for your toking experience, namely dabbing. Some cannabis-related companies have already attempted to sell dabbing-specific torches, but traditional heat guns from hardware stores still take the lead in the dabbing scene, if not taking into account a few “professional dabbers.”

To Dab or Not to Dab: What You Should Know About Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates
To Dab or Not to Dab: What You Should Know About Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates
Many people think that cannabis concentrates will soon become so popular that they will surpass the sales of common cannabis flowers. The effects and features of concentrates are still not studied deeply enough, and that causes many superstitions and misconceptions.


These beauty tools are the most favorite accessories of girls, but stoners can also use them for their recreational purposes. Hairpins will help you in plenty of ways. Using them, you can clean your pipes and bowls; they are best suited for disturbing bud when packing a joint or a bowl. Moreover, you can use them for collecting resin, and there are many other ways how a hairpin may help you get out of a difficult situation.

Index Cards

If you also have index cards that only gather dust in your home, here is a great idea how to use them for your cannabis arts. You can use your blank index cards for making joint tips or collecting shake from your desk. Instead of index cards, you can also use business cards or construction paper for the same purposes.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is widely known as the first aid antiseptic, and your parents might have also used it to disinfect your wounds. Though you are an adult now, it may also come in handy for smoking cannabis. I personally use isopropyl alcohol when sharing a bong with my cannabis friends. You may think that I am clumsy, but in fact, I simply like a clean and shiny bong on a Friday night, and isopropyl alcohol always helps me with it.

Who You Are Is How You Smoke
Who You Are Is How You Smoke
The way you smoke cannabis can tell a lot about you. Every one of us has a preference. You might be surprised, but the way you consume marijuana may be an indicator of your personality. So, let us see what kind of stoner you are.

Kitchen Scale

I am definitely sure that this household tool does not need any explanation. Use your kitchen scale for weighing your cannabis bags out when you come home from a dispensary. Moreover, if you tell your budtender that you have a kitchen scale that measures in grams, you may find that they become more generous. Besides, by weighing cannabis that you are going to put into a bong or roll into a pipe, you can easily determine your best dose for the right high.

9 Must-Have Items for Stoners
9 Must-Have Items for Stoners
Any self-respecting stoner has to have some cannabis accessories that are completely necessary for their hobby. Smoking weed can become even better if you have all of them at home.