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Apr 22, 2016 5:40 PM

7 Alternative Ways to Benefit From Marijuana

Nowadays, the cannabis market can meet any consumer's need thanks to an increasing variety of ways to consume weed. If traditional ways of smoking and vaping marijuana do not seem appealing to you, you can solve your health problems with unorthodox methods that offer their unique effects and benefits.

7 Alternative Ways to Benefit From Marijuana

Dixie Mints

Despite their small size, Dixie Mints are designed to provide cannabis patients with serious relief. Featured with delicate flavors of peppermint and orange, these weed edibles are available in 80 mg and 160 mg doses of THC. The orange mints ensure you a perfect awakening due to their sativa content, while the Dixie peppermint sweets provide you with deep relaxation in the evening thanks to the indica compounds.

Transdermal Cannabis Patch

If you have ever tried a nicotine patch, you will understand how this cannabis product works because the concept is very similar. To experience the benefits of this invention, just stick it on your skin and feel its medical effect for 8-12 hours. Creating these patches, Mary's Medicinals tried to satisfy any consumer's need. Thus, you can find six varieties of these patches, containing sativa, indica, and hybrids, along with CBD or THC compounds and patch-supplementing gels. The main advantage of these weed products is that they deliver marijuana straight into your bloodstream ensuring the fastest effect. Moreover, one patch contains a 10 mg transdermal dose that can substitute an 80 mg edible, according to the manufacturer. RX Green is another producer of cannabis patches that uses true CBD oil and THC:CBD extracts besides sativa, indica, and hybrid components. Transdermal weed patches provide deep relief from inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia. To get the most effective result, apply them on a most venous part of the body—inside of an ankle or a wrist.

Cannabis Capsules

Cannabis pills are an ideal way to use cannabis that has already proved its efficiency for marijuana patients with a stable effect. Wanna Brands has made a step closer to traditional medication by creating WannaCaps with an extended action release. Thanks to their formulated capsules, the first dose of cannabis activates shortly after digestion, while the second part comes into effect four hours later. Thus, WannaCaps became the first cannabis capsules with prolonged time-release that ensure a strong effect over a 12-hour timeframe.

Cannabis Lubricants

If a woman wants to enhance her sexuality, she can also benefit from cannabis properties. Foria has designed its topical oil for ladies' sexual use. Preserving the aphrodisiac properties of marijuana, these lubricants have successfully combined lab-tested weed oil with liquid coconut oil. The manufacturer promises that this cannabis topical will make your sexual life more pleasurable and fulfilling.

Cotton Kandy

Almost any sweet can be infused with cannabis, but if you want to go back to your childhood, choose cotton floss infused with THC. Kandy Care offers you its Cotton Kandy with 55mg of THC available in two sweet flavors: Blazed Blue and Phaded Pink. With this powerful candy, you will not be able to resist the temptation of riding on the Ferris wheel to reach new heights.

Massage Oil

Cannabis oil is ideal for massage. You can use it after a shower or at any time your body requires healing and relaxation. Most marijuana oils contain many beneficial ingredients, including cannabis flowers, organic weed oil, as well as vitamins and other nourishing oils. For example, Genesis Pharms's cannabis oils can easily reduce inflammation and medicate your sore, tired joints and muscles. If you want to experience the delicacy of your feelings, opt for the weed oil made by Kali Caps & Cremes that ensures sexual enhancement after application.

Cannabis Tincture

Though cannabis tinctures appeared on the weed market a short time ago, people actually used them long before marijuana legalization. This was the most common way of marijuana consumption for medical purposes. A tincture is an alcohol extract from marijuana plants. Tinctures are not heated above the boiling point of ethanol, so all weed's herbaceous qualities remain preserved in these extracts. There is a great variety of tinctures available on our website, so you can choose one of them depending on your body needs. Just apply a few drops under your tongue, and it will be quickly metabolized into your bloodstream.