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Mar 30, 2017 12:55 PM

7 Marijuana Strains That Are Best to Enjoy in Spring

Spring is a beautiful time when nature awakens from its winter dream. It seems that the grass is greener, the sun shines brighter, and flowers smell more distinctly than before. People who like to smoke marijuana have a great chance to indulge in a spring-inspired mood even if the sun is nowhere to be seen or there is no time for the contemplation of nature. Here is a list of seven marijuana strains that are the best to enjoy in spring.

1. Green Goddess

If you want to know what spring tastes like, the Green Goddess strain will impress you with a delicious flower smell and a sweet grapefruit aftertaste. This indica-leaning hybrid provides a mellow cerebral buzz with a relaxing euphoria. Choose this strain when you want to enjoy the beauty of nature without any stressful thoughts. The high will put you in an optimistic mood and reduce physical tension.

2. Lavender

This spring-themed marijuana strain has a delicate lavender aroma and relaxing indica effects. The Lavender strain is an effective stress reducer that will make you feel happy and euphoric. It is a great choice for socialization and entertainment. Consume Lavender when you want to unwind in the evening or when you are free from any activities that require your concentration.

Lavender Strain Review
Lavender Strain Review
Lavender is a marijuana strain included in our top 100 indica strains list. The reason is obvious. Lavender has the perfect smell, flavor, and effects. Read our review to learn more about this incredible medication.

3. Green Crack

The Green Crack marijuana strain is a popular sativa with a delicious mango aroma and a strong energizing high. Opt for this strain instead of your morning cup of coffee, and you will forget about your winter fatigue. Green Crack can awaken the new spring energy and improve your mood. After smoking this strain, you will be able to find creative approaches to the most boring daily routine. There are no sleepy aftereffects, so you can consume this sativa each time when you need an extra kick of energy.

4. Sunshine #4

The lack of energy is mostly noticeable during springtime, but you can recharge yourself with the Sunshine #4 marijuana strain. This hybrid can also benefit you with a positive mood and total relaxation. The high starts with an uplifting euphoria and ends with complete physical relief. Thanks to its high potency and powerful effects, Sunshine #4 will let you welcome spring without any painful feelings and depressive thoughts.

5. Power Plant

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a great brain stimulator with a sweet, nutty flavor. The Power Plant strain can simultaneously boost your creativity and calm your nerves. It is a great choice for outdoor activities or long walks in the park. Its healing properties will relieve chronic pain, elevate mood, and reduce anxiousness.

6. Dream Lotus

The mint and pine flavor of the Dream Lotus marijuana hybrid will inspire you to spend more time in the nature. The well-balanced effects of this strain can motivate you to break out of the concrete jungles for several days. However, the relaxing aftereffects may place you into a couch-locked condition, so you will be able to do nothing except dream of beautiful lotus flowers peacefully floating on the water.

7. Sour Flower

Spring is a great time for any flower, even if it is the Sour Flower marijuana strain. This highly potent sativa has a pleasant floral and skunky scent and powerful uplifting effects. Smoking this cannabis in the morning will make your day productive and successful. It stimulates appetite, reduces sadness, and prompts giggles. Sour Flower puts you in a sociable mood, so it is better to consume it during friend gatherings.