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Dec 28, 2016 12:05 PM

7 Things You Need to Know to Choose Quality Buds

Choosing the best bud at your local dispensary or another cannabis access point is often quite difficult. How can you pick the right product out of dozens of available strains? Below are some tips on how to purchase buds of the best quality.


Although the majority of the buds are made of different shades of green, you can easily find orange, red, and even violet dried cannabis flowers. A plant usually expresses coloration when it has been cultivated in the right conditions. However, the color of the herb does not indicate its potency. The only important thing about the color is that the darker it is, the more nutrient-dense your plant is.

Hairs and Crystals

Buds of high quality are usually covered with crystals. You also need to pay attention to trichomes, the resin glands of the cannabis plant. Bud of amber color with white trichomes that are rich in THC and terpenes would be your best choice.


A fresh and grassy aroma does not indicate that you have chosen the perfect herb. In case your plant smells like grass, it was probably not fully dried. The best sample usually has a complex aroma, ranging from woody to sweet. The more powerful the smell, the higher the quality of the herb.


A good flower should be dry and easy to break up without being too crisp. Some producers indicate the level of moisture on the product’s package. If you get one of those, make sure your purchase contains less than 5% of water.

Color of the Ash

The color of the herb’s ash can tell you a lot about the conditions of the plant’s cultivation. Extremely dark or even black ash is a sign of too much moisture, pesticides, and nutrients. However, only lab-tested results can give you full information on the results of the plant’s mold and pesticide inspection.


The best cannabis bud usually has its sugar leaves trimmed off. In some cases, a few small sugar leaves may be left on the plant if they are particularly resin-dense. Leafy weed is a thing of the past.

Chest Pain

Chest pain after smoking is one of the most precise indicators that your cannabis plant contains some harmful chemicals. Physical discomfort is usually a sign that you may be consuming something other than pure cannabis.

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