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May 8, 2016 8:05 AM

8 Best Indica Strains to Improve Your Sleep

Indica Strains to Improve Your Sleep

Most people who need some rest try to fix this problem using either extra cup of coffee or the nearest couch to lay on and get a few more minutes (or hours) of sleep. But this method does not work for those with insomnia because their main problem is not their need for rest as such but their inability to fall asleep. Fortunately, marijuana may help you solve this problem. Weedy will tell you about the eight most effective indica strains that may replace your sleeping pills.

Purple WreckPurple Wreck

If you want to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling well rested, Purple Wreck may be the perfect choice for you. This indica-dominant strain with a light grape flavor gives you a relief from stress and pain, relaxing both your mind and your body. Purple Wreck also may help you deal with depression and anxiety by improving your mood and making you feel happy.

Purple KushPurple Kush

Purple Kush gives you a strong, long lasting high and helps you reach the highest point of relaxation. It is a pure indica strain that may be very helpful for those with insomnia, as well as for those who suffer from severe pain, stress, or anxiety.

Vanilla KushVanilla Kush

If you are looking for something a bit lighter and sweeter, try Vanilla Kush. It has one of the most delicious and sweet tastes among marijuana strains and gives you a perfectly balanced high to calm your mind and help you fall asleep sooner.

Northern LightsNorthern Lights

One of the world most famous indica strains, Northern Lights, makes you relaxed and happy, giving you a strong feeling of a dreamy euphoria. This strain has an interesting, sweet but spicy aroma. Along with sleeplessness, Northern Lights may help you manage your stress and depression. But if you are on a diet, you better be careful, because this strain can not only help you fall asleep but also boosts your appetite.

Bubba KushBubba Kush

Bubba Kush is one of the strongest indica strains for those with trouble sleeping, although it is not as strong as other popular Kush strains. It is a near pure indica strain with an unusual, a bit earthy and sweet taste. This strain is a great choice for people with insomnia, stress, or depression. It also may relieve body pain; this feature makes Bubba Kush a suitable option for medical marijuana patients.

Blue MysticBlue Mystic

If you are new to using weed to manage your insomnia, you may consider trying Blue Mystic. It is an indica-dominant strain that gives you a comfortable feeling of relaxation and calm. In contrast to the stronger strains, Blue Mystic affects you a bit slower, making your marijuana experience smoother and giving you some time for accommodation.

Presidential OGPresidential OG

If nice and slow is not an option for you, try Presidential OG instead. It is one of the strongest indica strains that will put you to bed within a few minutes. Presidential OG has an intense citrus-pine smell and a bit earthy taste. Thanks to its heavy sedative effects, it is also commonly used by those who suffer from intense stress or pain.


One more indica strain that will put you to bed without further delays. The only difference is that Cannatonic has an extremely high level of CBD, so it will not blur your mind while completely relaxing your body. It is a good choice for those who use marijuana for medical purposes and do not want to get high. Cannatonic is also well known for its pain-relieving qualities, so you may also use it as an alternative to your regular painkillers. Just make sure to consult with your doctor first.

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