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Apr 20, 2016 8:35 AM

9 Must-Have Items for Stoners

Any self-respecting stoner has to have some cannabis accessories that are completely necessary for their hobby. Smoking weed can become even better if you have all of them at home. Believe us, your cannabis experience is not full if you do not have this smoking paraphernalia.

9 Must-Have Items for Stoners

Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano is the most popular vaporizer ever. It is the king of all smoking accessories. If you can spare some money on your weed avocation, buy Volcano. The device can provide you with the most comfortable experience. Even a minimal amount of marijuana can get you super high. Set the preferable temperature, and this balloon technology will be full of vapor in just 30 seconds. The system eliminates all toxins and gives you tasty, flavorful vape with all active compounds of the plant.

One-Hitter in Dugout

If you need to be discrete, a one-hitter is the best option for you. One-hitter looks just like regular cigarettes, so you can smoke them freely. It will be helpful if you are not at home and want to take a few impulsive tokes. The perfect hideout for the one-hitter is a dugout. This way, nobody will see what you are carrying inside.

Phototron Grow System

If you like consuming marijuana that you have grown yourself, Phototron is the most convenient growing system. It is self-contained and works efficiently. The system provides perfect conditions for your plants. It keeps the nutrient balance and regulates the light according to the plant's needs. There are more than 100 sativa and indica strains on the market. And just imagine that you can grow any of them at home without much trouble.


A true cannabis connoisseur has to have every possible device that is used for smoking cannabis. Each one of them provides a different experience and has its benefits. And so, a bong is one of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana. Every bong is a piece of art. They can be small and big, colorful and plain, cheap and expensive. The design of some devices is impressive. With bongs, you get a clean and smooth smoke.


Among all other must-have items on the list, a grinder is probably the most important one. It does not matter whether you are an experienced stoner or simply a beginner, a grinder is the first item you should buy. This way, you make sure that the buds are properly broken and will be heated evenly. Be sure to purchase a digital scale to know exactly how much weed you use. Scaling the right dosage is an important step if you want to get a smooth high.

Rolling Paper

There are times when you do not want to use fancy vaporizers and bongs, you just want a simple old-school smoke. Keep a pack of rolling papers at home and roll a joint any time you want. Buy some filters as well for the smoke to be cleaner and not harmful to your lungs.

Air Freshener

As far as we know, all weed strains smell. Each one of them has a unique aroma that lingers in your home for a long time. If you are waiting for some guests or simply do not want your walls and furniture to absorb the smell, you should buy a good air freshener that completely covers the smell. It is also believed that Ozium can do this job better than all other fresheners.

Storage Jars

Well, you cannot use all buds that you have bought at once. Some amount of weed will be left. So, you have to think about a proper jar to store your marijuana. The best choice is to buy a hermetically sealed jar to keep the smell inside and to keep the buds in a perfect condition.

Vape pen

Just like a one-hitter, a vape pen is a good on-the-go device. They are easy to carry around—even in your pocket. Besides, many of them look just like e-cigarettes, so you can stay discrete about your consumption habits. It is convenient, relatively cheap, and small. What else do you need for one session?

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