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Mar 27, 2016 9:48 AM

Afghan Weed Strains: Afghan Diesel Review

Afghan Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from an Afghani mother. Its plants grow only indoors and differ from other strains with their dark green leaves around the purple-colored buds. The buds have a slight fruity scent. Break them, and you will smell their rich citrus aroma that is very similar to the smell of a grapefruit. This marijuana has a mild sweet flavor that is not harsh at all. Afghan Diesel is famous among the cannabis patients for its high level of THC that can rise up to 17%.

Strain Effects

This strain is widely used in medicine because it provides marijuana consumers with a light feeling of cerebral high and relaxation. The users report that this medication influences their heads rather than their bodies. The Diesel strain will relax you without making your body heavy and lazy. In contrast, you will become peaceful and creative and have enough energy to perform your daily physical activity.

Medical Use

Like most other sativa hybrid strains, this kind of marijuana is an ideal medication for depression, stress, anti-social mood, and anxiety. Though Afghan Diesel will not help you with insomnia or other sleep disorders, with this strain you will have a good appetite and remember all your favorite dishes. Do not postpone taking this medicine if you are experiencing negative symptoms of fibromyalgia, PMS, or chronic pain.

Side Effects

Though the Diesel strain brings many benefits to cannabis patients, unfortunately, this weed has some downsides. New patients often report groundless anxiety or fear after consuming Afghan Diesel. Almost all consumers say the product causes dry mouth. As for eyes, they are not affected much in most cases. Unless you find your perfect dose, use this strain sparingly to avoid the feeling of paranoia and other side effects.

All in all, this Afghan weed is an effective alternative to traditional medications for anxiety-related diseases. Besides stress and depression, the strain can successfully treat eating disorders and bring significant relief of severe pain. Choosing the Afghan Diesel strain, please pay attention to its commonly claimed side effects. Start with a standard dose in the company of others to see how the weed affects your body. Consume it carefully to avoid paranoia and achieve the best results for your health.