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Nov 9, 2016 12:00 PM

Alaska Opens Its First Recreational Weed Dispensary

This weekend, crowds of customers and cannabis enthusiasts came to the first recreational marijuana dispensary opening in Alaska. The state authorities have recently legalized weed sale and usage as a result of the display of free will of most Alaskans.

Alaska legalized cannabis back in 2014 via a state ballot proposal. The initiative allowed the usage of recreational weed by anyone 21 and older. Moreover, the possession of up to four ounces of marijuana at home and up to one ounce of the herb outside, as well as the cultivation of up to six plants, was also recognized as legal.

This new shop, however, is the first legal dispensary that can sell recreational marijuana to Alaskans.

It is called Herbal Outfitters, and it is located in Valdez. The dispensary attracted over 250 people on the first day it opened. On that day, the shop sold ten different weed strains that had been purchased from two main cultivators from Alaska—Greatland Ganja and Green Rush Gardens LLC.

In the beginning, Herbal Outfitters will only sell cannabis flowers. However, the sale of wax and oil may also lie ahead.

Moreover, another Alaskan medical marijuana dispensary, Frozen Buds, has recently opened in Fairbanks, which is about 362 miles north of Valdez.

Alaska demonstrates proof that American democracy is alive and well. If you believe in and vote for the legalization measures, they have all the chances to come into life soon!