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Apr 21, 2016 5:55 PM

Alien OG Strain and Other Visitors From Space

Why do we like space so much? Maybe, because people tend to get lonely and look for something that will fill the void in their lives. Like aliens. However, there is another way to experience something new without looking for other forms of life in space. You just need to buy an ounce of the alien-named marijuana that may or may not have come from outer space.

Alien OG Strain

Let us look at all those strains that possess such alluring space names and, maybe, even qualities.

Lemon Alien Dawg

Lemon Alien Dawg is an interesting strain created by the company Alien Genetics. It is a cross between Alien Dawg and Lemon Kush. Their offspring combines the positive sides of both its parents. Large buds of this hybrid strain have a pleasantly sweet aroma that is combined with the fresh sourness of their lemon parent. The zesty scent and flavor make the strain refreshing and energizing. After the first wave of uplift, you will feel a relaxing calm taking over your body and mind. The strain is perfect for stress and fatigue relief. A slight pine undertone lingers in the air as a reminder of your experience.

Alien Dawg

Another strain on our list is Alien Dawg. It may be considered the pioneer of all alien/space strains here. This strain has a sour and pungent odor that does not diminish its popularity among stoners. The slightly bitter taste of Alien Dawg will not suit everybody. However, if you happen to relish it, this strain will become your favorite. Alien Dawg is a rather potent indica and may contain up to 20% of THC. Its effects are soothing and calming. The high is prolonged and will cease only in a couple of hours. Alien Dawg is perfect for people who suffer from insomnia as it guarantees you a good night's sleep.

Space Dawg

The Space Dawg strain is famous for its rich aroma and the ability to make the pain go away in no time. Earthy and sweet flavors are combined in this strain perfectly and complement its strong skunky smell that has delicious grape undertones. After a few tokes, you will feel a lemony sourness linger in your mouth. This is a rather heavy indica that best suits the nighttime use. Space Dawg contains about 18-19% of THC and has almost immediate effects. Due to its good parentage, Space Queen and Super Snow Dog, the strain flowers quickly and produces many sticky buds with a dense crystal coverage.

Alien OG

You have probably already heard about Alien OG due to its reputation of one of the most potent strains. Some studies have shown that, in rare cases, the strain may contain up to 28% of THC. On average, the strain's potency is a little lower but stays high nevertheless. Alien OG is indica-dominant, and so it has heavy calming effects on your body. At the same time, its sativa side provides an uplifting psychedelic cerebral buzz. As many other OG strains, this one has a delicious lemon smell and sweet taste. The beginners should be careful with this strain. If it is your first time, take it slowly, do not rush, and the high will be great.

Space Queen

The “mother” of Space Dawg, this strain is a great hybrid that has been bred from such strains as Romulan and Cinderella 99. And it seems that the name suits it great—Cinderella's offspring definitely has to be a queen. This strain has many phenotypes. All of them are quite potent and have a distinctive sweet fruity smell. The most widespread Space Queen phenotype smells of fresh apples, vanilla, and cherries. The flavor is also sweet and fruity. This hybrid has a strong sativa side and provides an uplifting, energetic buzz. The high is intense and long-lasting.

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