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Jul 20, 2016 9:25 AM

Amnesia Strain Review

The original Amnesia strain is sativa-dominant cannabis that is famous for its high potency. This strain has been ranked as the best strain of Dutch coffeeshops for several years—in fact, you can find Amnesia in almost every establishment as this strain is arguably the most widespread choice of both Dutch tourists and the locals.

Amnesia Strain Review

General Information

Do not confuse this strain with the Amnesia Haze strain. The buds of the original Amnesia are not as sticky as you would like them to be, however, they are tight and can be handed over and over without being ruined. Despite the fact that Amnesia buds are a little dry, the appearance of this strain is a sight to behold. The buds are fluffy and have a strange trichome covering.

While many other marijuana strains have vertically layered trichomes with the head at the top, the original Amnesia strain has a layer of trichomes that are arranged in a swept pattern. Surprisingly, the buds are formed this way naturally and do not show the evidence of damage for a long time.

The color of this strain's buds is a pleasant green with some orange hues here and there.

Amnesia is a very productive sativa strain that flowers in about 9-10 weeks. This plant can be grown both inside and outside. Amnesia is also quite easy to grow with its rich harvest, moderate height, and large amounts of resin.

Taste and Smell

While the smell of Amnesia is not very unique, it is still a pleasant scent to inhale both before smoking and in the process. The aroma is earthy and pungent. If you are looking for an example, one can say that this strain smells like freshly-cut grass or hay. The mixture of wooden notes brings you closer to nature and helps you relax. The fragrance is common but, at the same time, it reminds you of premium herbs.

The taste of Amnesia also slightly resembles grass, but in a pleasant way—giving you the taste of freshness and cleanness. The sweet undertones of this strain make it somewhat different from its hybrid parents.

Recreational Use

The best thing about Amnesia is the plant's potency. This strain contains a high level of THC that often reaches 22 percent. True to its name, the very first hit will have a cerebral effect on you. After the second hit, you feel your head completely enveloped in the misty high of Amnesia. However, you will possess enough of your wits to behave properly and do some planned stuff.

You can expect a wave of giggles coming your way. Do not fight the high, just relax and enjoy the sensation. The effects usually last for about three hours, which is impressive by itself, however, some inexperienced stoners may be left high for as long as six hours. Maybe, that is why the strain is so popular in Dutch coffeeshops where numerous tourists want to taste some weed and then go sightseeing for the day.

Medical Use

Normally, the strain is high in THC and low in CBD. So, Amnesia is not the best option for marijuana treatment. However, the strain is not completely useless in this aspect. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, Amnesia is a good way to find the necessary relief. The plant is also useful for all kinds of pains.

If you ever visit a Dutch coffeeshop or are simply looking for a powerful high, you know what to look for.

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