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Mar 26, 2016 5:31 PM

Are Vaporizers Really Worth Buying?

Are vaporizers really as popular as the media makes you believe? Are they really the best way of consuming marijuana? Read our article and find the answers.

In the time when health trends are flooding our lives, it is hard to say which one will stay with us for a long time. Numerous diets, movements, and eco-friendly changes come and go. Not all of them are effective. Moreover, not all of them are beneficial in terms of business. It seems that one of the latest cannabis trends, vaporizers, proves to be effective both in terms of our health and business. Thousands of people buy weed vapors in online shops—they are in great demand.

Nowadays, smoking is generally viewed as a hazardous avocation that harms not only people but the environment as well. And so, many stoners have been pushed to change the way they consume marijuana. Though vaporizers have been known for over a decade, it is only now that they have become popular. Due to the rising rate of cannabis legalization in the U.S., people try to promote this process even further by showing all its positive sides and looking for the cleanest ways of consuming it. Vaporization is one of them.

Is Vaporizing Cleaner Than Smoking?

Definitely, yes. When a person smokes, the filling of the roll is burning, and they inhale smoke that is always absorbed into the bloodstream. In the process of marijuana combustion, dangerous carcinogens that are present in the plant are released. Those harmful elements get in your lungs, and nothing good can come from it. As a result, a person can suffer various respiratory issues and even cancer.

Unlike roll burning, vaporizing involves almost no smoke. The case is that the plant is heated but not combusted. The fact that the buds do not ignite is the reason for the usefulness of the process. The flowers emit only their magnificent flavor and active compounds. The vapor produced in the process is almost completely free of carcinogens.

Over the years of numerous studies, the researchers have proved that vaporization brings only positive effects to our health. According to a substantive study conducted by the University of California in San Francisco, vaporization is less toxic because the temperature needed to produce the vapor has to be much lower than the one required for combustion. According to it, this alternative method of marijuana consumption is also as effective as smoking in terms of medical potency.

Are There Other Benefits?

In addition to the carcinogens-free status of vaporizing, this way of consuming marijuana has many other benefits.

One of the most alluring benefit for all marijuana enthusiasts is a stronger high. Yes, vaporizers appear to be not only medically useful but recreationally valuable as well. Vaporizing gets your higher due to the increased absorption of THC. Vaporizing is the fastest way for the cannabinoids to get to the lungs and start their “magic deeds."

Another evident benefit is that you need less cannabis for vaporizers than you do for the rolls. Plus, the faster you get high the less cannabis product you consume. This is a great way to save your money on weed.

But are vaporizers really worth the investment? The average price of these devices ranges from $100 to $700. However, the cheap models still serve their purpose pretty well. You do not even need to go to a shop, you can simply buy marijuana vaporizers online. The assortment is the same.

If you are new to vaporizing, start with the affordable price models and upgrade your device when you know exactly what you need. We would recommend buying new vapors that are created with due regard for all standards and required functions.