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May 26, 2017 12:05 PM

Arizona Company to Launch Weed Vending Machines

From small entrepreneurs to big marijuana companies, all are hitting the market with new products and services to attract more customers to both medicinal and recreational weed. One of the famous Arizona companies is also moving forward; it is planning to provide a new way to get your weed—through vending machines.

Image credit: American Green Facebook Community

American Green, a well-known cannabis technology company from Arizona, has already developed a vending machine that scans ID and requires a fingerprint to buy either medical or recreational marijuana. The machine is currently in prototype status.

According to Time, the vending machine was first presented in Las Vegas. Its main purpose is to help protect a weed users’ identity.

Canadians are already using similar vending machines. However, in their case, an employee always needs to check a person’s IDs before they start using the device.

The new vending machine, also known as the American Green Machine, does not require a human attendee. It uses a fingerprint to verify the identity of the customer before the purchase. Accounts need to be set up using only a government-issued ID. In case a medical prescription is required, that data should also be included.

The global goal is to connect different types of vending machines worldwide.

David Gwyther of American Green has recently stated that a baseball fan will someday be able to buy a beer in New York and then some weed from a dispensary in California the next day using the same app and a verified account.