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May 17, 2017 12:45 PM

Arrange Your Wedding at International Church of Cannabis

Are you going to get married? Do you want to have a marijuana-themed wedding ceremony? The best way to arrange it is visiting the International Church of Cannabis in Denver. This high place has recently started offering wedding services to cannabis-friendly couples.

The Church, located in a converted hundred-year-old chapel in Denver’s West Washington Park, was opened on April 20 by Elevation Ministers.

The community positions itself as a spiritual home for marijuana-lovers. People of any religion and cultural background can become Church members, who are called Elevationists. The Church claims no divine authority and has no organizational structure, unlike traditional churches.

Cannabis Wedding Industry Is Rising
Cannabis Wedding Industry Is Rising
The days when weddings had to strictly follow traditions are gone. Today, an Elvis lookalike can declare you husband and wife; the bride can wear a dress of any color (even a black one), and so on.

The community already has 800 members; most of these people joined because they were interested in an opportunity to arrange a wedding ceremony at the Church.

The city officials and public opinion were not pleased with this new service. According to local media, the federal law still prohibits the consumption of marijuana in public places. However, it seems that nobody will be against cannabis newlyweds.

Lee Molloy, the Church's representative, said that they expected that the community members would be interested in a marijuana-themed wedding, but they were surprised that the demand is so high.

5 Great Ways to Add Weed to Your Wedding
5 Great Ways to Add Weed to Your Wedding
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The ceremony package costs $4,200 at a discount rate, but the first wedding at the Church will be sponsored by Bang Digital Media. Up to 200 guests can share this exciting moment with the couple and freely consume cannabis. The beautiful ceiling of the chapel was decorated by a Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, while chapel's facade features art by Kenny Scharf.

After the cannabis-themed ceremony at the chapel, newlyweds will get a marriage certificate. For more information about the wedding package and prices, visit the official website.

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