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Aug 16, 2016 9:10 AM

Bad Ideas: What You Really Shouldn't Add to Your Bong

We have recently talked about experimenting with your bong: what you can do with your usual routine to add some spice to your life. Usually, we support all kinds of experimenting as long as it is safe for your health and others. But in this article, we would like to single out the kinds of experiments you had better avoid.

Bad Ideas: What You Really Shouldn't Add to Your Bong

Sometimes, if you add some weird component to your bong, it may either improve or ruin the taste; in some cases, it can also influence the THC effect. However, there are some ingredients that you should under no circumstances add to your cannabis.

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Hard Alcohol

Adding vodka or whiskey to your bong is a popular idea among cannabis users. In their imagination, after smoking cannabis with hard alcohol, they will get both stoned and drunk. And indeed, you can hear many stories from some friend of your friend, or some other guy that has tried it and thought it was amazing. However, the truth is different.

Alcohol absorbs the main part of THC, and you will simply not get as high as you expected, or not get high at all. It can be especially disappointing compared to your expectation of this “magic mixture.” Usually, the taste of cannabis is bad as well. So instead of getting a new experience, you will ruin both your booze and your weed. Plus, mixing fire and alcohol is not the best idea.

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Raw eggs

This may be one of the weirdest substitutions for bong water ever. It will not only significantly spoil the taste of any strain; it will also trash your bong, and you will spend lots of time and energy trying to clean it. Those who have ever tried it said that is was a bad idea. However, there are still plenty of cannabis users who want to check whether it is true anyway.

Tomato juice

Some juices may be fine for using them as “bong water,” though tomato juice will doubtfully make your weed any better. In case this is fresh tomato juice, it will make your bong very dirty, and unless you wash it immediately after using, you will have to spend hours cleaning it. If you want to make some kind of “Bloody Mary” version of weed, we are sorry to disappoint you, but with cannabis, it does not work. You can have all the symptoms of a hangover but no joy.

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Recipe: Bloody Mary-Juana
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Liquid yogurt

Some cannabis users like adding milk to their bong; however, this is a debatable decision. It can add nice notes to the taste, but the fattier the milk, the more THC it will absorb. That is why yogurt is a bad idea. Not only does is usually include a significant amount of fats, but it also contains lots of sugar that will likely stick to the inner sides of the bong and can ruin the following sessions if you do not clean the bong immediately after using.

Generally, the thicker the substance the smoke needs to go through, the more THC it absorbs. The sweeter the liquid, the harder it is to clean the bong later. In any case, you should in no way add anything that is not supposed to be drunk. No matter how fun it may look like, never add any weird liquids that can damage your health.

The best options are still simple and easy: add some ice cubes, cold tea, or orange juice, and enjoy your bong.