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Apr 25, 2016 4:25 PM

Bay Dream Strain Review

Are you looking for a potent strain that will act as your personal battery? Then you have stumbled upon an ideal candidate—Bay Dream strain. It is a descendant of the two well-known celebrities of the cannabis world. However, it itself is a proud representative of the strong sativa strains of the West Coast.

Bay Dream Strain Review


Bay Dream is a potent sativa strain that was created by the famous company GrandDaddy Genetic that is responsible for such masterpiece as Granddaddy Purple, which is still considered royalty in the world of marijuana. Bay Dream is a cross between two amazing strains. The first parent of Bay Dream is the powerful hybrid Blue Dream that has become a legend among all West Coast strains. The second ancestor of Bay Dream is Bay 11, whose boosting sativa effects are very popular among the stoners of the country. The combination of two strong strains creates a truly potent cerebral cocktail that can give you such energy that you will feel like a rabbit on caffeine.

The plant is suited for both indoor and outdoor growing. The flowering period of 10 weeks will result in rich buds that are densely covered in crystals.

Flavor and Appearance

The buds of this marijuana strain are tough and beautiful. Bright green color is complemented by the numerous colorful hues that may vary from light yellow to warm orange. The undertones are purple and have hairs of different amber hues. These colorful hairs are covered in white crystals that look like a delicate frosting and promise blissful pleasure.

The flavor and aroma of the Bay Dream plant are pleasant and tasty. Those cute buds hide a mellow smell of pine that is perfectly combined with sweet fruity notes. This combination is both warm and fresh—the aroma is not too sticky-sweet. The taste is well-balanced as well. It is also both sweet and pine and suits its smell and appearance. However, upon an exhale, you may feel a slight skunky lemon aftertaste, which is not bad at all. Taste it once, and you will remember it forever—it is so delicious.

Recreational Effects

Being a rather strong strain, Bay Dream provides potent and almost immediate effects. In general, the cerebral impact of this strain is typical for all sativas—energy and focus boost. On average, Bay Dream contains 22% of THC. If you decide to grow it yourself, remember the basic rules to get the most THC from it. This strain is intensely stimulative. Most of all, this stimulation concerns our creative potential, which is great news for all artist who have a crisis. This uplifted euphoria may bring genius ideas into your head. Feel free and start creating what marijuana tells you to create.

Be careful with the dosage of Bay Dream, especially if you smoke it for the first time. You may feel a little anxious when your high is at its peak, so be careful in case you have a tendency towards anxiety. If you need daytime relief, Bay Dream is the perfect strain for you.

Medical Effects

Being high in THC, this strain is a good remedy for all conditions that benefit from these cannabinoids. Bay Dream will immediately deal with any kind of pain you may have. Besides, it is reported to be a very good medicine for those who have problems with appetite. Consume a bit of Bay Dream with your morning coffee or breakfast, and feel the pleasure of food return to you. Besides, it will give you energy for the whole day and eliminate fatigue and depression. Do you suffer from the lack of attention? Eat a few medicinal cakes with this strain and see all colors of the world.

Be careful—the intensity of Bay Dream suits only experienced consumers.

Where to Buy Bay Dream Strain

If you are looking for this strain, you may start your search by browsing various online shops. In addition, the strain is rather widespread in the state of Washington. Look for it in the dispensaries in Oregon and California.

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