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Aug 2, 2017 12:05 PM

Bend, Don't Break: Silicone Bongs and Pipes Conquer the Market

It seems that stoners have no limits to their creativity. New accessories and paraphernalia are constantly introduced to us. One of the most recent innovations is a silicone pipe.

Image credit: Strong Silicone Facebook Community

There is no doubt that marijuana makes us more creative. How else would stoners invent so many new things every day? The new favorite of the cannabis market nowadays is a silicone pipe that is irreplaceable in camping. However, being used in the nature is not its sole application—it is a beneficial accessory for your daily life as well. Since it is unbreakable, you can use this pipe wherever you want and take it to any festival, party, or vacation. Now, you do not need to carry heavy pieces of glass that can break any moment. Silicon pipes and bongs will serve you much longer. Besides, when you have a party at home, you do not have to worry that your slightly over-active friends will ruin your glass masterpiece.

Experiment With Your Bong
Experiment With Your Bong
Have you noticed that when you do some things again and again, they bring less and less joy? You may like ice-cream, but if you eat the same kind of ice-cream every single day, sooner or later you may start hating it. Let us not tempt fate and turn smoking from a bong into a boring routine. Even if you do not have a big choice of strains, you can still vary another ingredient and find a nice substitution for water!

One of the largest producers of unbreakable pipes is an Oregon-based company Strong Silicone.

If you are worried that these pipes come only in one style, you are underestimating their creators. Just as it is with all other accessories, there are many designs that you can choose from. In addition, they come in different forms as well. For starters, there are basic straight tube bongs that many of us respect and love. Then, there are mini-bongs that are very comfy and compact. Moreover, there are also hand pipes that contain silicone caps to store weed in.

The lower part of the two-piece pipe contains a base, a joint for the stem, and a short neck. It can even be used as a stand-alone pipe. However, the upper part that also has a built-in ice catch makes the experience better. The floor of the upper section has seven small holes for diffusion and catching ice.

This pipe will serve you as well as the glass one. There is no difference in the quality of the smoke. The used food grade silicone is BPA-free and non-toxic. Another advantage of this two-piece silicone pipe is the easiness of cleaning and transporting it.

If you are a devoted fan of glassware, you can use glass downstem and bowl at home when there is no danger of breaking them. Besides, replacing them is much cheaper than buying a whole new bong.

However, if you want a truly imperishable pipe, use the full silicone downstem and the metal bowl that the creator suggests as default. This way, you get the ultimate outdoor pipe that you can throw in a backpack and carry around. Besides, the piece is very light!

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Cannabis-related products are hitting the shelves left and right. Pipes and grinders, delicious edibles and flavored topicals—they are all ready to satisfy every need and taste. However, there are still plenty of products that can surprise even the experienced pot enthusiasts.

A small pleasant bonus of this silicone accessory can be seen at night. The pipe actually glows in the dark. This small additional feature will make your smoking sessions even more fun.

The price is also amazing. It ranges from 20 to 80 dollars per piece. Considering the variety of beautiful designs and the quality that often comes for twice as much money, you may find these silicone pipes very economical. This application will be in use for at least several years.

You can find a wide selection of silicon bongs and pipes on this website.