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Apr 20, 2016 9:50 AM

Best Berry Flavored Indica Strains

What makes summer oh-so-sweet? Berries do! But what if summer is still far away and you want to recall the taste of those delicious fresh cherries, blueberries, or raspberries? There is another way to experience the beauty of summer fruits—go and buy weed. There are many delicious strains of marijuana. Some of them taste and smell even better than actual berries.

Black Cherry OG

Black Cherry OG is a flavorful indica strain that has been bred from a famous indica cross, Granddaddy Purple. Its another relative is Ken's OG. The sweet fruity aroma of this strain can fill your mind with fresh ideas and peaceful bliss. Black Cherry is a perfect combination of the cherry tea and spicy blueberries. This is a moderate strain with the level of THC being about 12-18%. This fact means that your high will be smooth, light, and relaxed. Inhale the sweet aroma of cherries and think about you favorite yummies. Unlike its hybrid relative—Cherry OG—that possesses the same sweet flavor of the berry tea, Black Cherry has more sedating effects that can couch-lock you.

Blackberry Kush

The beautiful dark purple buds of this strain look great with their orange hairs and deep hues; they also have a magnificent aroma. True to its name, Blackberry Kush tastes and smells exactly like these sweet berries. The hard nugs of the strain are densely covered with crystals that make Blackberry Kush even more attractive for customers. The flavor of the strain is well-balanced—fruity sweetness is attuned by hasty fuel undertones. Just like many other indica strains, Blackberry Kush will make you sleepy and relaxed. And, maybe, you will dream about a trip to the forest to gather berries.

Sweet Tooth

It may seem surprising that the next strain on our list is not named after some berry, but its flavor says it all. The strain is so deliciously sweet that every stoner with a sweet tooth has to try it at least once. Moreover, the strain is not simply sweet; it has a wonderful berry aroma and flavor. Sweet Tooth has been chosen the best strain of the year some time ago. And it still keeps its status. This magnificent combination of berries and flowers is a result of a hard work. Sweet Tooth was bred by mixing various strains from different corners of the world. This indica strain can both give you energy and calm you afterward. What a magnificent strain, is it not?


Do you want to be Superman at least once in your life? You can easily feel as this superhero by consuming the next strain on our list. Kryptonite is the only thing that can make Superman weak. And indica strain Kryptonite can sweep you off your feet just as easily. Large green buds of the plant hide an incredible amount of trichomes. The level of THC is very high, reaching up to 25%. The berry flavor of the strain comes after the initial sweetness and stays with you for a long time. Kryptonite hits you almost immediately and sends you to a deeply altered state of consciousness.


TGA Seeds is famous for creating unique strains that are high-quality and flavorful. Plushberry by TGA Seeds hides its aroma carefully. However, when you break the buds open, you are immediately hit by the fruity goodness. Some phenotypes of the strain have a very rich berry aroma; others combine it with the fresh sourness. However, all of them taste delicious when they are grown right. If you want to melt away stress, Plushberry is exactly what you need. It is a kind of strain that somebody would not immediately call the best, but, in time, you grow to like it more and more.

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