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Sep 17, 2016 9:15 AM

Best Cannabis Snacks Ever

When people say weed edibles, we usually imagine cookies and brownies. Today, good edibles are not necessarily sweet. Marijuana-infused snacks are becoming more and more popular in the market. Today, we have gathered for you the best cannabis snacks you will ever try.

Former Apple Employee Presents Sensational  Line of Weed Edibles
Former Apple Employee Presents Sensational Line of Weed Edibles
Eric Eslao, a former Apple employee, is ready to present the most beautiful line of weed edibles you have ever seen. And, believe us, even the best online headshop cannot offer something as sophisticated as this.

Savory Pretzels by Auntie Dolores

If you would like to try some cannabis-infused snacks but are worried about your shape and calories, you should buy these pretzels created by Aunty Dolores. They will not damage your figure. Savory Pretzels are truly tasty and effective at the same time. The snack contains CO2 oil that affects you not less than a joint. The pretzels are generously spiced with rice vinegar, paprika, garlic, and soy sauce. If you are new to cannabis, you should start with a few pretzels and see how they affect you.

Chili Lime Peanuts by Auntie Dolores

Another snack created by the San-Francisco company Auntie Dolores are the amazing Chili Lime Peanuts. These peanuts taste like nothing you have ever tried in your life. The unique taste combines hot chili sauce and lime juice—a combination very rare but tasty nevertheless. A pack of these peanuts is a good snack to accompany a bottle of beer. Besides, the medical effects of Chili Lime Peanuts may help you deal with numerous unpleasant conditions.

Nacho Cheese by Kief Krispy

Another “cheesy” snack on our list is Nacho Cheese by Kief Krispy. These tortilla chips are paired with a flavorful kief-infused queso dip. The snacks were presented at the Cannabis Cup in Michigan and quickly gained the attention of all guests. The product contains 100 mg of THC. The signature stoned panda of Kief Krispy looks really delighted by these nachos.

Pot Potato Chips by Yummi Kama

Yummi Karma has created many condiments, tinctures, and other cannabis products during the years of its existence. However, the most savory products are potato chips that come in different flavors. The amount of THC in a pack remains unchanged—50 mg. But the flavors are very diverse. The line includes sriracha, onion, and zesty ranch spices. The star of the line is barbecue plus nacho cheese chips.

Beef Jerky by Uncle Ronnie

Beef jerky is a favorite snack of many people. It tastes especially good with beer. The companies that produce cannabis edibles seem to share the love for jerky. Uncle Ronnie’s Beef Jerky comes in different flavors including BBQ, teriyaki, and honey pepper. We think that all of them are tasty and flavorful, but you can choose your own favorite jerky from the list.

Chrondiments Salsa

Chrondiments is a brand of unique salsa. What makes it unique? It is not the regular salsa you are used to, this sauce contains THC. Besides, Chrondiments salsa has won the first place in the Cannabis Cup rating of the best edibles. This sauce is sweet and spicy at the same time, as well as being simultaneously delicious and medicinal.

Nuts by Om Edibles

This snack differs from the other snacks on our list. The nuts coated in hemp seed are precisely dosed with cannabis oil. The seeds look like sesame, but do not be fooled by their innocent appearance. This snack is available in two flavors—Cinnamon Maple and Tangy BBQ.

Most Unusual Californian Cannabis Edibles
Most Unusual Californian Cannabis Edibles
The market of weed edibles is expanding. Today, it is full of unusual products that are made specifically for those who have a sophisticated taste. Sometimes it is hard, however, to find exactly what you need.

Cheese Bits by Medipops Edibles

A beautiful pack with a cannabis leaf on it contains a snack that can make your mouth water. These Cheese Bits have a very rich flavor. You will pop them into your mouth one by one. However, be careful because one pack of this cheese bliss contains a lot of THC to consume at a time. Add other non-cannabis cheese products to this snack before you serve it to your friends.

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